Is it possible to earn money with your Mobincube apps?

FAQ Apr 30, 2013

A lot of people ask us if it is really possible to make money with Mobincube by creating and publishing apps from their homes. We only have an answer to that question: YES, it is possible. But we don’t want to lie to you. It is not about creating one simple app and expect it to make you rich. It is true that some users have created one app in 15 minutes and earned $1000. But let’s face it, this is one out of a thousand! If you really want to turn your apps into money, you should follow some guidelines:

Be persistent

Don’t think that your first app will bring you a lot of money. Your first app is the one you use in order to learn how to use Mobincube. Sometimes it makes money… that’s great! But if you want to earn money, keep creating and publishing more apps. Some apps perform great in AppStores, they get thousands of downloads and make you earn more than $100 per month. But some other apps don’t get a good positioning in AppStore search engines and only make a few bucks per month. So keep in mind that the more apps you publish, the more chances you have to succeed. Every app you publish becomes a future source of revenue, so the more apps you publish, the more revenue streams you’ll have.

Define your strategy

Mobincube offers a huge flexibility so that you can decide the type of app that you want to build. If you want to monetize your apps, you should consider one of the following strategies:

  • Create rich apps. Decide and collect good content for your app. Spend some time on making your app as nice as possible. This will require several days from your side to build each app. You might need 15 or 20 hours to create an advanced app, sometimes even more. This type of apps will have more chances to perform good on AppStores and get great reviews. Some users of Mobincube are using these strategy and they are making good money out of it. Some users of Mobincube like Kativiti or Gimca are good examples of this strategy. They spend some extra hours taking care of the content and the design of  their apps. As a result, their apps are performing really good on GooglePlay.
  • Publish lot of bulk apps. Create as many apps as you can. Try to make them nice and useful for your audience, but don’t spend hours creating each one of them. Most of them will make less than $5 per month. But if you keep publishing more and more apps, some of them will perform good and make $100 per month. Try to publish 50 apps during 3 months. If your apps are good enough, you will get an average of $20 per month per app during the next 2 years, even if you stop creating more apps. Not a bad deal! There is a user called Jessar who found a good way to create apps fast. He collects content from Internet (there are a lot of websites with Chuck Norris quotes) and turn it into apps easily.

Of course, you can combine both strategies in order to check which one of them works better for you. Check this user of Mobincube called myapptube. He has created a lot of apps, some of them in less than an hour and some of them in several days.

Learn from your own experience

There isn’t a master rule that all users should follow in order to make money. Every single user knows what it better works for him. Have you created several apps and some of them are performing better? Take note of those things that are causing those apps to perform good and try to use the same steps in your next apps. For example, did you create an app for the US market and it is making you earn money? Why don’t you localize that app to other countries then? You can turn one app into 10 different apps, each one of them generating revenue!

Take a look again at Jessar. The spanish version of his app with Whatsapp & Line quotes was performing really good. He decided to create the same app but in english. He already had the structure and the design, he just needed to change the content.

Promote your apps

AppStores are great in order to reach millions of people. But the fact of publishing an app doesn’t guarantee a good positioning of your app within the AppStore search engine. You want people to realize that your app is live on his favorite AppStore, make some effort to promote your app. Use your social channels to let people know about the existence of your app. Invest some time in making some good marketing material for your app (nice icon, useful text descriptions, nice screenshots, etc.) And, why don’t you hire an ad campaign to place ad banners linking to your app from other apps?