Important notice: new business model. Actions required.

Announcements Jan 26, 2018

Most of you have been begging us to let you monetize your apps with Admob. We wanted to give you that privilege, but Admob was incompatible with our business model, since their policies don’t allow mediators to monetize apps on behalf of publishers. But still, we want you to be happy and earn more money with Admob, so the only way to achieve that is by breaking our business model down and bring a brand new one to Mobincube.

Keep reading this full post, since it is a very big change on the way you’ll make money with Mobincube

As you know, until now, when you build and publish your apps with Mobincube, we used to act as ad mediators. We managed all the ads in your apps by connecting with ad networks. Then we collected the money and pay you your share.

But this is going to change radically in the very short term.

In the future, Mobincube will no longer be an ad mediator. You will collect 100% of the ad revenues earned by your apps or any other way you use to monetize them. You’ll have several ad networks available, like Admob, Facebook, Startapp, etc. It will be your decission to choose which one of them to use inside your apps. You’ll just have to signup on those networks, get the corresponding ad codes and put them inside your apps.

While the cost of Mobincube was 30% of all your revenues, this is changing for good. In the future, instead of paying a share of your revenue, we will just ask you to have a premium subscription on Mobincube, which will vary based on how much you use Mobincube’s resources. The bigger your apps are, the more resources (server time, hosting, etc.) Mobincube invests. The fair way to meassure the size of your apps is by calculating the number of Monthly Active Users (MAU) of your apps. We’ll consider that any person that opens any of your apps during the month (regardless the number of times that opens the app) is an active user.

You’re going to make much more money

Some time ago, the CPM (your average earnings per 1000 ad impressions) provided by the ad networks we work with was as good as the one that Admob provides. But during the last part of 2017, the gap between Admob and other networks has increased quite a lot. Only Facebook can compete with Admob. And because of that, we wan’t to rush things and let you monetize with Admob ASAP, so that you start making decent money again with your Mobincube apps.

We’ve been testing for 3 months and the performance of those apps monetized with Admob has been great. All the publishers that tested the new business model increased their revenue from x2 to x10.

How much are those subscription plans?

We want to keep Mobincube being affordable for every pocket, so we will start offering a FREE plan for new or small publishers who don’t make enough money. As you keep growing, our plans will adapt to your size as a publisher, following an easy-as-pie sizing stair: Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra-Large (XL) and Extra-Extra-Large (XXL). The bigger your plan, the higher number of MAU that you can monetize. The following table shows the limit of MAU for each plan and its price.

Trust us, the fee you’ll pay for your subscription is going to be really small comparing to the amount of money you’ll earn using Admob in your apps. The cost of Mobincube used to be 30% of all your AD revenue. Now, the total revenue is going to be much higher with Admob (x2 to x5, probably). And we expect that Mobincube’s fee will represent less than 15% of your revenue. So not only you’ll earn a much bigger share, but also the pie is going to be much higher.

What if your number of MAU exceeds the limit of your plan?

Your plan’s MAU limit means the number of users that you will monetize with your own AD network accounts like Admob. For instance, if you have a 5,000 MAU limit (Plan M) and your apps are used by 4,500 people every month, you will monetize all your end users. If your apps keep growing and at some point your apps are used by 5,600 people, you will monetize the first 5,000 end users that opened your app that month. The app will keep showing ads to those first 5,000 if they keep opening the app. The other 600 active users won’t be monetized with your ad codes, unless you increase your MAU limit by upgrading to a higher plan.

You can upgrade to a higher subscription and increase the MAU limit at any time in order not to stop increasing your revenue.

When will this change be effective?

Starting on 1st of February 2018, all new registered publishers won’t even notice the change, since they will be part of the new business model already. But for the rest of publishers, those who created their account before Feb 1, there’s going to be a transition time frame.

This transition is needed because apps need to be republished in order to be compatible with the new model. If you have an old app and you don’t republish it, you won’t be able to monetize it. This period will last 1 month, so you should republish all your apps during February, get AD codes from Admob, Facebook or Startapp and enter them on Mobincube. As soon as you are done preparing all your past apps, you will be able to activate the new business model and start rocketing your revenues! There will be a button for that on Mobincube.

From March 1st of 2018, Mobincube will no longer be a mediator, so you will stop seeing your earning on the Mobincube’s dashboard. All your earnings will appear in your own Admob (and/or Facebook, and/or Startapp) account’s dashboard.

If you don’t create apps for monetizing them and you just build business apps, how is this change affecting your account?

Well, the MAU limit of every subscription exists also for apps without ads. For example, if you have a Plan M (old Standard) and you remove ads in your app, the first 5,000 people opening your app every month will be able to use it normally. The person 5,001 that opens your app (and beyond), will see a pop-up window and won’t be able to access the app, unless you upgrade to a higher plan.

You shouldn’t worry too much though, since business apps usually count hundreds of MAU. It is not really frequent that an app of a small business gets more than 5,000 users per month.

We expect that only big companies, like chains of restaurants, etc. will need to upgrade to a higher plan. And that’s fair, isn’t it?