Differences between Android and iOS from developer's point of view

FAQ Mar 07, 2016

The difference between Apple and Google couldn’t be bigger. But, although there are differences between user types, marketing, and ideology, there are also big differences from a developer’s point of view. Let’s take a look at an Infographic made by Cleveroad, to spot most crucial things.

First of all, you use totally different programming languages. For Android, you use popular, Java, which works on many different devices and is widespread among programmers. On he other hand, for iOS devices you use either Objective-C (which is quite a clear language but requires a lot of work) or Swift (which is quite a new language and is open source).

The environment of your work also differs. If you develop for Android, you can do in both on Windows or Linux, but if you want to publish an iOS app, you can only do that on a Mac computer, which is way more expensive than a normal PC.

There is also a difference in the publishing process. If you want to publish an Android app, a developer’s license costs around $25 and the wait time is around one week. With Apple, it is a little bit thicker. The license itself for a year costs $99 and review time can be as long as three weeks.

Last but not least is the business aspect. Although Android has around 82% of the market share, making it incredibly popular, iOS apps are more profitable. Users of Apple devices, come mostly from USA, Europe or China and are more willing to pay for apps or buy extra features, than Android users.

There are always pros and cons. For every system and for every person there will be different answers to which system to publish. Nevertheless, if you have time and resources, which is not a point when you use software as Mobincube, we would recommend you make apps for both of them.