The easiest way to keep your SeattleCloud apps alive

Jan 20, 2021

Since Mobincube started in 2008, we've seen a lot of new other app builders appearing and disappearing after some time. Some of them were nice competitors and had good products, but surviving the app builder industry is not that easy. Even Mobincube had some bad moments in the past, but we managed to turn those moments into opportunities to get stronger.

Last month, a good app builder had to say goodbye: SeattleCloud. They always took care of their users, but at their very last moment, they've decided to leave their users abandoned, without providing them a good solution to keep their apps alive.

Now their users have to find their own solution. Some other app builders are trying to attract ex-seattleclouders. The problem with those is that, if you built apps with SeattleCloud, now you need to rebuild them from scratch. Basically those app builders only let you sign your new app with the old certificate.

The deadline is Jan 31st. So, if you have a lot of apps, it's going to be difficult to rebuild them in time.

Mobincube provides a different approach. We've made some changes, so that you can import your SeattleCloud apps to Mobincube, without creating them from scratch. In just 1 minute, you can import your app an replace it on GooglePlay or iTunes, so they keep working after Jan 31st.

You just need to download the backup and the signing certificate of your apps from SeattleCloud. Well, since SeattleCloud apps were not native, but hybrid (html + native). Some parts of their functionality was handled on the native wrapper, so the back-up that you get from SeattleCloud doesn't include all the functionality of your app, only the one that is web-based. So, when importing to Mobincube, some functionalities might not work, but at least you'll have most of your app imported.

In this video, we explain the process:

English version:

Spanish version: