How to double profits from advertising

Tips Feb 19, 2016

Earning on mobile applications can be fun – on one condition: using the proper advertising network!

You can find hundreds of ad providers from around the world on the internet. Some companies offer a huge number of customers, others surprising ad formats and some tempting price tags.

The price tag, what is it? It is CPM. CPM – Stands for Cost Per Thousand – where M refers to a symbol 1000 of a Roman numeral. For example, if the CPM is $2 it means that an advertiser will pay $2 for every 1,000 ad impressions your application or website receives.

The higher the CPM the higher the profits available from advertising. Therefore, we strongly recommend moving to our new online advertising Network – so your profits can double !

Mobincube Ad Network

On our new advertising network, you will find all major types of ads, ranging from the highly popular to the latest trends that will really surprise users.

Thanks to this diversity anyone can find the right format and adapt it to the specifics of their application. This is very important. Since some ads will only be shown in certain regions or to certain people based on demographics or online actions, it is worth thinking about your target audience from the very beginning and designing app so it doesn’t hide or come into conflict with the content.

A few tips

Firstly, never click on your own ads! It’s very tempting for new developers. Sorry, you’re not the first person who came up with the idea. Google and every other ad provider will quickly detect that you are faking clicks and will either block your application or reduce the CPM, which will affect even real impressions.

Second, as in any business, the most important is the number of users and how often they return. When creating a new application focus primarily on the quality of content and UX (user experience), which is ease of navigation inside the application. Even the highest CPM is not enough if users are quickly leaving your application.

Third and finally: do not force clicks. Placing an ad next to the back button can result in a large number of accidental clicks and increase profits in the short term but in the long term will annoy and scare away your users. In addition, Apple is very restrictive when it comes to forcing clicks and can even reject your application prior to publication.

Banners are animated images that appear at the bottom of your application. If your applications have bars – which make it easier to navigate – a banner ad is displayed just above them. As a result, many users may be interested in trying to find it in the application. Banners are the oldest form of advertising applications.


Interstitial is much more effective than banner advertising format. This classic advertising form will display all over the screen. This usually appears on the first or second screen of the application. You can also use the option of having the interstitial ad activate at any time.


Video is a special kind of type of interstitial ad, which also displays a full-screen application. Video appears for just a few seconds, but it’s one of the most profitable types of ads. So add a command that will result in the video opening in one of the places within the application.


Slider is an optional type of advertising that you can activate. Slider is displayed as button on the right side of the application.

When a user clicks on it, it displays a full-screen ad similar to interstitial advertising. We particularly recommend Slider for cross promotion of your applications in other applications. What is cross promotion? This is a way of promoting your applications without spending a penny on advertising. Here you can display ads about your other applications, thus increasing your user base. It is very cost effective method of self-promoting. We highly recommend Tappx because it is exceptionally easy to use and very profitable.

On-Exit Interstitial

One of the most popular types of advertising of recent times is the on-exit interstitial. This is a special type of interstitial that appears at the moment in which you will want to leave your application. The application asks you if you really want to leave it and additionally will display advertising. Advertising will give three options: “Return to application,” “Close the application” and “Open advertising.” It’s very effective because users who have already decided to leave your application are more likely to click the ad and go further.

Change the network

A few weeks ago, Mobincube launched its own advertising network. Our ads are specifically tailored to your system, so that they work very smoothly and do not slow down your application.

Our network also has a very high CPM. Depending on the formats that you choose, you can receive as high as $3-4 per 1000 impressions.

We noticed that every one of our regular users who moved to our advertising network doubled their CPM, or earned twice as much for their applications. In addition, to take advantage of this offer, you need to republish your application and activate our advertising network.