How to double your ad revenue with interstitial ads

Tips Mar 18, 2014

Two weeks ago we announced a new functionality for your apps built with Mobincube that lets you decide where to add some extra interstitial ads to your apps. As you know, Mobincube apps used to show a regular ad banner on the bottom of the screen and always show an interstitial ad when starting the app. Now you are able to show more interstitial ads whenever you want in your app. One easy way to increase your ad revenue is making your app show a full screen ad every time your users go back to the main menu of your app.

This might look unnecessary… but it can help your revenue go double!

Well, this is not a speculation. Some users started re-publishing their apps with this new functionality and they are confirming that they have doubled their ad revenue.

Let us share one case study with you. This app called “Multiplication table”. That app has one main menu where the user selects a number in order to get to another screen that shows the multiplication table related to the selected number. Then the user can go back to the main menu and select another number.

This app was performing good, making around $11 per week. Right after we launched our interstitial functionality, the author of that app decided to add it to his app. Results came immediately: the first week the app made $25 and the second week $24. Not bad!

How did the author add this functionality?

It was really simple. He just added a timer to the main menu using the action called “Interstitial”. That timer resets every time the app goes to the main menu, so after 1 millisecond a full screen ad is requested. Adding this functionality and republishing the app only took 5 minutes to the author of the app and now he’s making much more money. See the picture below to learn where timers are added:

Of course you can add interstitial ads in other parts of your app. In case your app is a step-by-step tutorial, you can add a timer with an interstitial somewhere at the middle of the tutorial or at the end. Interstitials perform really good if you show them when the user has ended reading the content of your app.

OK… using timers is an easiest way to show interstitial right after one screen is shown. Now you can squeeze your brains and decide other ways to request interstitials. What about adding a button to your menu that says “Show ads” and set the action “Interstitial” to it? You might earn some ad impressions with that which can be really good performing, since users that click on that button might be interested in reading the content of the ad.

But remember, never tell your users to click on ads! That might put your AdMob account in risk, since Google doesn’t like these practices.