+40 Google Play alternatives for publishing your Android app

Tips Sep 24, 2015

When people think of Android apps, Google Play is the first app store that comes to their minds. Most of them even think that there’s only the Google’s app store out there. Of course, GooglePlay is the big player that will bring you most of your downloads, but the market offers a lot of alternatives for publishing your Android app. We’ve created this list for you including more than 40 of them. Depending on your apps, their language, your target audience, etc., some of them can be a great option for you.

Of course, the more places where you publish your apps, the more chances to increase your downloads. Not all of them will let you make great numbers, not even 5 % of what you achieve on Google Play. But if you pick the most appropriate app stores for your apps, you can definitely improve your revenue.

Amazon is behind this AppStore and that’s a proof of their strength. We know people that managed to have good downloads on Amazon. Some other developers didn’t get good results. You should give them a try, maybe your apps might perform good.

It is becoming a great option, specially for those apps that are not GooglePlay friendly. Aptoide also serves as an AppStore creator, so they let you create your own app catalogue. We know some users that got great downloads on Aptoide.

Most people don’t know it, but Getjar was the first App Store non carrier dependent. It existed before the iPhone and it used to be the best app store for J2ME apps. It was acquired by China’s Sungy Mobile in 2014.

This one is quite new, but it is becoming a great option if you want to make downloads in Mexico and other Latam countries. They’ve become the official AppStore of the carrier América Móvil, which is the 4th largest mobile operator in the world. They offer carrier billing and their users don’t pay for navigating the app store. It seems that after August 2015, they are bringing good downloads to their publishers. You should try it!

If you think of Android, Samsung comes to your mind. They are the largest manufacturer for Android devices and most of them provide access to their official AppStore. So lots of Samsung users don’t even know about GooglePlay. We’ve seen some apps in SamsungApps performing even better than GooglePlay. It is for sure the best alternative for GooglePlay that we know.

We haven’t tried this one, but we guess that it can be a great option for making good downloads. LG is one of the largest Android manufacturers. Their devices provide access to the AppStore.

Another AppStore managed by a big player. We haven’t tried it, but we believe that it can be a good alternative to GooglePlay.

Adult oriented AppStores:

Have you tried publishing in some of these app stores? Do you have a favourite app store? Did you get great downloads in some of them? Please share your thoughts with our readers by adding comments to this post. We appreciate it!