Take more control of your app's ads

Tips Mar 04, 2014

We have great news for you! We just launched a new feature in Mobincube that will let you earn more money with your apps by taking control of the ads placement strategy. With the new insterstitial action you will decide where to launch some extra insterstitial ads.

Apps built with Mobincube use two ad formats: regular banner and interstitial ads. Interstitial ads are those that you see when starting your apps created with Mobincube. They are full screen ads and normally produce 3 times higher revenue than the regular banner that you see on the bottom of each page of your app.

In the past, we forced all your apps to show an interstitial just during the first page of your app, althought that’s not the best placement for an interstitial, since most people will close it in order to access the content of your app. You are the one that better knows your apps and your users. So … it is time that you decide where to place new interstitials!

We just launched a new action called “interstitial” that you can use from any part of your app (buttons, commands, timers, etc.) in order to make your app show a new ad.

Let us give you an example:

  1. Your app has a main menu where each button guides your user to a product information screen.
  2. First time that the menu is loaded, the forced interstitial will come up. Your users will normally close that ad, since all they want is to access those products information, therefore only some users will click on your ad and make you earn money.
  3. After they close the ad, they select option 1 from the main menu and see a new screen.
  4. Once they’ve read the content of that screen, they go back to the main menu.
  5. After reading the content, people is ready to pay more attention to ads, but no more interstitial ads are shown in that menu, so no more chances to make money.

What if you were able to launch a new interstitial ad every time your users navigate back to the main menu? You would increase the chances to make your users click on an ad. It is really easy now, you just have to add a timer to your main menu screen using the action insterstitial.