Learning from the best: the Mobincube team shares some of their favourite apps of late

News Feb 14, 2013

At Mobincube, we love apps. Of course, we’re biased because we live and breathe mobile app development (and we’re pretty sure ours is the coolest) but we never stop exploring other great apps. We use them to make our worklives easier and we look to them for inspiration. So we thought we’d share a few of our faves with you. From games to solutions and everything in between, here are our Top 5:

1. Myfitnesspal

This app is #1 for us: It’s a New Year and we’re all working towards leading healthier, fitter lives. (When we talked about resolutions last month, “losing weight” seemed to be on everyone’s lists!) Myfitnesspal helps users track net calories to ensure they’re staying within healthy daily ranges. And because it’s mobile, there’s no excuse not to track everything you eat! It also has a huge database of “calories burned by exercise” so that you can also calculate how many calories you burn each day !

2. Pandora

Pandora is on our Top 5 list because “getting free music” is awesome second only, perhaps, to “getting free food”. Pandora allows users to stream new music, and it’s free. Need we say more? (Note: Pandora is currently available only to users in the US, New Zealand, and Australia but they promise broader access soon!)

3. Flipboard

We like Flipboard because it brings out the infocurator in all of us. With Flipboard, users can create their own “virtual newsrooms” full of the things they care about. It also allows users to organize newsbits into topic groups, and displays them intuitively in a tiled interface. Now instead of turning a page, you can “flip” through articles by “flipping”. Very cool!

4. 100 Floors

The Mobincube Team loves 100 Floors, and made bets here at the office on who could get the furthest by the end of the month. So fun! The concept is simple: Users move from floor to floor by solving increasingly more complex puzzles. It’s a great way to pass your time and to exercise your brain! Note: Ignacio won the contest, but we’re pretty sure he clash royale hack 2017 no survey cheated.

5. Google Chrome

It’s a bit out of place, perhaps, on this list, but we had to give a shoutout to good ol’ Google Chrome. Why? Because we’re so sick of Safari on iOS. Thus our excitement at the release of Google’s very own web browser for iOS and Android mobile devices this year. All the features and ingenuity of Google on your Apple mobile device or Android. Check it out!

When you’re done exploring these fun apps, make sure to check out Mobincube the free, easy, and quick do-it-yourself mobile app builder you can use to create great apps.