Mobincube: the free mobile app builder

Announcements Dec 11, 2012

Our new blog is now up and running and whilst we plug away at writing some great articles that will help all potential app creators on their journey to creating awesome apps, we thought we’d start it all off with an article about us…

Yes, this is part shameless plug, but we also thought we’d start it all off with an article about what we do and what we have to offer minus the technical jargon and marketing lingo. We really think what we have to offer through Mobincube is pretty cool and our user-base thinks so too.

So what makes Mobincube really cool? Here are 3 things we hear our users tell us time and again:

1. Easy to use. I mean drop dead, my grandma could use it, easy.

That’s right. Mobincube is easy to use.

In a nutshell we package up major functionalities that mobile app developers commonly use such as building tables, CMS, online updatable databases, and even simulating HTML5 as pre-built features. Whereas before you’d need the help of a developer to create or manage these activities for you directly, in Mobincube they are already there for you to use from the get go.

What this really means is that the average user, with a little of gumption, can easily create a market facing mobile app. Now, not to give hard working app developers the short end of the stick, Mobincube allows developers to save time by reducing redundant tasks and allowing them to focus on usability and features.

2. A mobile development platform for any app platform

From Google Play to iTunes, Mobincube allows you to develop apps for any major platform. You could say that we’re platform agnostic.

Whether you want to create the next best educational app for Google Play, or you want to promote your companies services through an interactive mobile app that your clients can download from iTunes, we don’t limit where our users can launch their apps.

Wherever you want to launch, we don’t discriminate.

3. Make $$$

While we don’t guarantee that using Mobincube to create your app will make it the next Angry Birds. At the same time, what we do guarantee is a platform where your ideas can take flight without the limitations of development knowledge or prior experience building and developing apps.

One thing that we’ve come to realize it that most popular apps are simple ideas brought to life. I mean what is Angry Birds more than the same trajectory and launch type game that’s been around for decades? Worms á la 1995 anyone.

A lot of our users are serious app developers who make a living off their apps. What we strive to provide them is a highly usable and efficient platform two digits game where they can bring their mobile creations to life.

Want to learn more about what Mobincube does? Check out this cool cartoon which puts it more succinctly: