Interview with Jomi López (@jomibelop)

News Sep 12, 2013

We’ve told you plenty of times that it is possible to earn money and make a life with Mobincube from home. Of course, that requires some effort from your side: be persistent creating more and more apps, tell the world about your apps, etc.

The best way for us to proof that is letting you get closer to some of our most successful users. Today we are going to analyze the Mobincube experience of one of them: jomibelop (Jomi López).

He had great ideas and turned them into a collection of 10 apps: How to draw SpongeBob, How to draw Pokémon, etc. Each one of them was making more than 500 daily downloads. But he didn’t realize that he was infringing some property rights, so after two months of success, their apps were removed from GooglePlay. But instead of surrendering, he kept looking for new ideas and we came back even stronger.

Today we have interviewed him, so that you can learn a bit about this top user. Here’s what he told us:

MBC: How old are you?
JOM: I’m 21

MBC: Where are you from?
JOM: From Spain

MBC: What’s your academic degree?
JOM: I left high school because I was getting bored. I always believed in self-education, so I took some online lessons about graphics design and Android programming. Those courses came from American universities.

MBC: What’s your current labour status?
JOM: I’m currently unemployed. I try to get some extra money as a freelancer, designing flyers for party clubs, repairing people’s computers and developing apps.

MBC: Past job experience?
JOM: I worked as a representative of a discotheque. I also worked with a group of people developing Android and Windows Phone, where my task was to design templates and bring ideas.

MBC: How high are your computer skills?
JOM: Well, I have good skills, but I prefer to create my apps with Mobincube in order to save time and some headaches. I don’t really need my skills for creating my apps with Mobincube, it is really easy.

MBC: How much time do you work with Mobincube?
JOM: I work with Mobincube 5 days a week. Let’s say 5 hours per day.

MBC: How much money are you earning with your Mobincube apps?
JOM: I’m currently making around $150 a day and it keeps growing day after day. I’m really happy with it.

MBC: Any future plans?
JOM: I will keep creating more apps with Mobincube, so that I can double my daily earnings and make $9,000 per month. 😀

MBC: Any recommendation for other users of Mobincube?
JOM: If your first apps don’t make money, keep trying new ideas. Some of them will succeed. The more apps you create, the more money you earn. It is also important to support your app with good marketing material: nice screenshots, good descriptions, explanatory videos, etc. For example, I invest part of my time in producing YouTube videos to show my apps. (

IMPORTANT UPDATE: just after the interview, Google Play cancelled Jomi’s account. It seems that one of his old apps (which he removed some time ago) caused a complaint from the copyright owner, so all the process for cancelling the account was already started. We’ve talked with Jomi about this, but he is not sad about it. He said he has learnt from this, so he will take care in the future. He will keep developing apps with Mobincube for sure, as he said. This user is a great example of tenacy!