How to increase your YouTube earnings

Tips Nov 21, 2016

YouTube is one of the most popular ways for people to earn money “from home”. There are people working full time creating, editing and publishing videos on the Google’s video platform. And the way people make money is by placing pre-roll video ads on those videos (Google does it for them). The more people watch their videos, the more money they make. The KPI used is the CPM, which at the end means the amount of money they make per every one thousand video views.

Increasing the CPM is not easy, since that’s not something the YouTuber can’t control. And increasing the number of views might be difficult to achieve beyond a certain level. So the question is: Is there a way for a YouTuber to increase the average revenue per view? In fact, there is! Keep reading to learn more…

According to some studies, the average earning per 1,000 views on YouTube is around $1.5 (we haven’t verified that number). That means that you can make $1,500 after 1M people watch your video.

Professional YouTubers normally don’t rely on just one video published. They keep publishing more and more videos, so they create a community of followers who subscribe to their channel. Once they become popular, they start influencing on people, so brands might pay them to promote some products. So ad-revenue is no longer the only revenue maker for them.

That is exactly the way to increase your revenue when you can’t either control the CPM nor increase video views: create additional revenue streams. And that’s where Mobincube can help.

You already have your video content on mp4 files. Let’s just build a mobile app with that content. That’s supereasy (and FREE) with Mobincube. And once you publish your app on GooglePlay or Apple’s AppStore, people will start downloading it. This will cause some good efects on your global earnings:

  • You’ll make more people watch your videos and you’ll gain popularity. This will turn into more video views on YouTube, and thus more money.
  • You’ll monetize the app itself. It will contain AD banners and interstitials that will turn into more money for you.
  • You can send push notifications to your audience, so you’ll have a direct communication channel with them. That will make them view your content more frequently and that means more money for you.

Getting app downloads without marketing dollars is a hard job. But the good news for you is that you alredy have the power to promote your app for free among the exact audience that might download the app: your followers. Tell your followers through your videos that you’ve published an app and a big part of them will download it.

It is a fact that 4 apps among the top-20 most downloaded apps built with Mobincube are YouTubers’ apps.

Don’t think only of creating one single App to show your videos. As a YouTuber, there are other types of apps that you can build with Mobincube in order to increase your monthly revenue. For instance:

  • App to play audios of your most popular quotes, sayings, songs, noises, etc. This type of apps performs really good among YouTubers’ followers.
  • Apps with extra content not published on your YouTube channel. This will force your followers to keep opening your app and increase the number of AD impressions.

Well, you can also gather all those features in the same app. That will increase the quality of the one single app and it will probably turn into better app reviews. On the other hand,having several apps might increase the probability of earning organic downloads. The ethernal dilemma!