Boost your CPM with the new splash ad

Tips Mar 06, 2017

Looking for a higher CPM has been always one of our top priorities at Mobincube, especially in recent months when the CPM has looked like sinking. 2016 was a weird year in terms of mobile AD spending. One would normally expect the CPM to increase as Xmas time approaches. We spent the whole year telling our dear publishers that. But something happened: not only did the CPM fail to rise, but it kept going down.

The only explanation we’ve found for the low CPM is that one of our main AD partners seems to be experiencing some difficulties at finding good advertisers. That AD network was the one with the highest CPM (by far) and took 30 % of all the AD impressions driven through Mobincube’s servers. You can imagine how the bad performance of that network had a huge impact on the average CPM.

For the last months, we’ve been working on testing and analyzing some alternatives so we can compensate for the fall of that AD network. And we’ve finally found the solution!

Our current main AD partner, Startapp, launched some months ago a new AD format which they claim to provide the highest CPM of the industry. I’m talking about the Splash AD format, which is a looks-like-an-interstitial AD format that interacts with the content rendered in your app.

Well, we’ve been testing it on real apps since Oct-13-2016 and we are quite happy with the outcome. Well, it might not be the highest CPM of the industry, but it is quite a CPM! With this format it is easy to get paid similar money as with the previous good-performing network.

The Splash AD only shows up at the beginning of your app, so you can expect one unique AD impression per every single app launch. If the Splash is active on your app, it replaces the first interstitial impression. With the other AD network that we were talking about above, you could expect one or two impressions per app launch, since it was exclusively an interstitial-based network with some restrictions. Therefore, just by activating the interstitial AD in your apps, you should start seeing a similar CPM to the one that you used to get before the CPM-sinking era.

How can you enable the splash ad?

If you published (or re-published) your app after October 13th (2016), you’re almost there! You just need to access your Mobincube account, go to the monetization’s dashboard of your app and activate the Splash AD box. Your app will automatically start showing Splash ADs and your earnings will start growing.

If your app was published before that date, you will need to republish it on Mobincube and update the new APK file on GooglePlay.

Did I just said APK? Oh, yes… this new AD format only applies to Android apps.