App of the week: Love Cleaning House

News Dec 06, 2013

To start our new “App of the week” series, we have picked one of the apps from one of our favorite users: Sugar Apps. She is a real entrepreneur and does have skills to design nice apps.

This app is the app of the week because it shows that making an app with Mobincube using just a few types of elements might turn into a beautiful app. Remember: invest some time in your app’s look&feel and you’ll get amazing results. If you don’t have design skills, there’s a bunch of websites where you can find free resources that will let you improve the quality of your apps. Keep an eye on our Facebook and our blog, since we usually post some of these sites.

  • Category: Productivity
  • Developer: Sugar Apps
  • Platforms: Android
  • Design: Clean, fun and minimalist design. This kind of design  makes an App easy to understand and to use.
  • Content: Very useful content. Straight to the point.
  • Usability: Intuitive. Very easy to use and follow step by step.


App's description:

Want a fast and fun way to get your home chores done?

Do you want to be loving your home not just cleaning it? Well we have the answer for you!

Love Cleaning House is a simple to follow housework App that will have you loving caring for your home.

Includes 4 Different Housework Cleans to choose from:

  • 15 Min Sparkle
  • 30 Min Sparkle
  • Once a week Super Sparkle
  • Emergency Clean!

This App is made with love just for you x

It is our wish for you that you will see your home not as a big monster to clean but the beautiful place that you choose to live and make sparkle.

When you can see your home in this way, you will start to enjoy the art of loving your home & making it sparkle.

You are not washing the dishes.. you are making them sparkle. You are not ironing your clothes you are preparing your clothes to help you shine in the world.

Some may even begin to enjoy it as a form of mediation, a special time to bless your home with good feelings and to stop thoughts of all other things that are going on in your life and just enjoy.

Download the app (Android)