A roadmap for mobile app success

Tips Apr 11, 2013
The marketplace is smitten with mobile apps. Everywhere you go you will see apps on offer for everything from banks and insurance companies to non-profit groups and travel companies.

Obviously some apps are wildly successful while others end up forgotten. The thing is that simply having an app for people to use is not enough, any more than opening a restaurant will guarantee people will come to eat there.

Think of apps as tools: If you were looking at a fully stocked workshop, which tool would be the best suited to what you hope to offer consumers with your app ? Metaphorically speaking, are you better with a hammer, a drill, or a circular saw?

Every good project is backed by solid planning, and developing a successful app requires a good plan of action. Unlike a website, you can’t continually update or fine-tune functionality without disgruntling your users, who can and will abandon apps that don’t work well in favour of others.

You need to think through what makes an app valuable to users, and not just any users, but your target audience. Here are some things to consider:

Engage users – ensure the app is structured intuitively and seamlessly so that your users aren’t left feeling frustrated or dissatisfied. Anticipating customer need is as important in app development as it is in any customer service enterprise.

Stay focused – you need to ensure that your app is dynamic and that it delivers what it offers with supporting graphics, animation, video, or good content as applicable. The trick is building interest without overwhelming the user or losing them by not getting to the point with effective communication.

Leverage what is available – particularly with service or business apps, think about what features will save your user time and effort. Ensure your app is compatible with readily available tools like Skype or access to real-time inventory or schedules. Think from a one-stop-shopping perspective and offer a complete app, not just a part of the puzzle.

Extras – Go the extra mile. What else can your app offer that will impress your user – and make the process more efficient? Perhaps this is an automatically generated email quote or billing. Think things through from start to finish and then start developing your app with a complete picture of what you want to accomplish.

Evaluate – Take one last look at your design ideas. Consider the function of your app and gauge it against the user need you hope to meet. What is the ongoing value? What is the revenue model? Which platform will you use?

Once you have the framework for success, consider the timeline for future functionality. Get your timing and priorities defined because many successful apps offer carefully orchestrated additions and upgrades to generate revenues, reward customer loyalty, and keep things interesting. Taking the time to prepare a quality app will simplify promoting it or publication to the online marketplaces.

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