7 reasons why young mothers can be financially independent

Tips Jan 19, 2015

Every one minute six new babies are born in United States. It is a beautiful and touching moment and beginning of a long, hard, but also grateful journey. The firs step, one of the hardest, is decision, whether stay home with kids, or quickly come back to work.

Since 90s, that decision, is easier, thanks to internet and endless possibilities of working part time from home. But recently big revolution happened, and today, it is easier than ever for young mothers (or fathers), to stay home with kids, and still follow their career.

Let me show you this 7 reasons, why young mothers, should make apps with Mobincube, and stay financially independent!

1. Staying financially independent is important

The feeling of being independent is extremely important, because it is not about money, it is about feeling safe. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it is one of basis of happiness. But there is more, especially today, when it is common for both partners to provide for family. Young mothers just don’t want to feel that they are burden to their husbands. It might also be embarrassing when every time you want to do shopping, you must ask someone for money. Not to mention critical situation, when family broke, and one is left with nothing.

2. No time deadlines

Various opportunities to work from home have the same disadvantage, dates, deadlines and activities that need to be done right now. The problem is, that kids don’t care about that. For them everything must be done right now, whether it’s feeding, sleeping, playing or urgent cases required e.g.: contact with doctor. Every thing can happen in the middle of the night just before deadline.

Thus it is the biggest advantage of making mobile application. It gives you absolute freedom. You can start whenever it is convenient for you, drop it for a couple of hours, and then keep up with work, when the kid is already sleeping.

3. No programming skills required

If you use app builder, such as Mobincube, to make mobile application, you don’t need to know how to code or have knowledge about any programming language. All you need to do is to put right elements in right places, it is like puzzles. All you need to know is what kind of app to do, and we will come back to ideas later, because young mothers have a big advantage in this case.

4. Invest only time, and only once

That is one of most important things. Once you finished your app, you just monetize it, either by selling it to third parties or with ads. You don’t need to make things, every day (like running a daycare), every week (like journalling) or even once in a month (like blogging). It is like buying shares on the stock market, you make it once and wait for profit.

Of course apps don’t earn forever, and you will probably work for some time every few days, but the point is that you don’t have to. You can totally adjust working time to your needs, and that is a great freedom. Furthermore doing mobile apps, have no real cost to pay (except low subscription plans), so no investment is needed. It gives you space for making mistakes, experimenting, learning and having quit a fun on your way.

5. Fresh look on market

This is what we were talking about before. People usually aren’t interested in parenting market before they are expecting kids by themselves. Of course, they have an idea how it look like, but when you are looking for something that you will need, then you realise it is huge, and more advanced than you will ever expect. It is so advanced that it is even obsolete in some parts. That is a huge advantage for young people, who come to the market with fresh eyes. By adjusting old market to new needs e.g. mobile, you can find vast unoccupied fields, of rising market.

6. Understanding perfectly big target

Although it is very business perspective, it is worth to notice. The most successful products on the market are those who come from a need, not from business idea. Understanding needs of a target group is what make your product unique and useful. And who could understand needs of young mothers, better than young mothers? But there is more, young mothers are also truly part of community, so it is easier for them to make research, test product, and finally promote it.

7. Boost of creativity

It is something wonderful that every parent confirm. Having kids is an enormous boost of creativity. The way kids, explore the world, doubt everything, and find new use for things you already know very well, increases your creativity and allows you to create amazing applications. You start seeing things from a new perspective, or working in conjunction with something totally new. Either way it might be a big step forward, and great chance to make amazing app.


Making mobile applications is a great way for young mothers, or fathers, to stay financially independent, and keep up with their professional career. Because is doesn’t require any investment or coding, every mom, just right now, can start making their apps, and spend on it only as much time, as they can. It is also important to point out that young mother are in perfect position, to judge what kind of application will really win the market.

What do you think about this way of staying financially independent? Do you know any other good ways?