Windows Phone: game over 🙁

Announcements Feb 18, 2019

As we announced on September 2016 on our blog, we were about to stop supporting Windows Phone compatibility. Since then, we’ve kept the option on Mobincube to let you publish your apps on Windows Phone, just in case you had an old app for that platform that you needed to update, but keeping in mind that some day we would remove the option. And that day has come…

Apps built with Mobincube are no longer compatible with Windows Phone. It seems that Microsoft has put a new requirement and apps built with old version of the SDK are not accepted now.

Since we announced the end of support for Windows Phone, we haven’t developed any update, basically because we no longer have developers for that operating system . We knew that some day apps would stop working due to Microsoft tech requirement.

It is such a pity! We always loved Windows Phone, it was a piece of OS, probably the most intuitive one. But they didn’t find their market.

If you want to keep developing apps for Windows Phone, you should ask yourself “why?”. If you’re making apps for making money with ads, WP is useless . And if you are creating an app for your business, you don’t really need the WP version, since nobody has it. And if they do, they are not the type of people who use apps.

Nothing more to say, just: bye, bye Windows Phone, we’ll miss you so much!