New pricing for Mobincube plans

Announcements Mar 07, 2017

You already know that Mobincube has the best pricing among all the app builders in the world. You can make unlimited use of Mobincube for FREE, yet we offer some premium services that can help you take your experience building apps to the next level. And still, those premium services are much more affordable than the competition. Basically, they make you pay per app, while Mobincube’s premium services are per account.

We know that increasing prices sucks! And that’s why we’ve kept the same prices for our plans since 2014. But there’s a time in your life when you have to do things that you don’t really like, right?

And that time has come for Mobincube. 🙁

We want to keep improving Mobincube, adding a bunch of new features and a brand new edition interface that will make your life easier. In order to achieve that sooner, we need some fuel. Rising prices was our last option, we even asked banks to cancel our debts, but that didn’t work. Banks!  So now we are forced to make some changes in our pricing model.

Well, we’re not really going to increase the price, we will just ask for some commitment from publishers who want to keep the same price. Quite fair, isn’t it?

What does that mean?

The monthly price will be the same for those who decide to be billed annually. For example, the Standard plan will stay at $9.99/mo if you pay 12 months upfront. And that goes on with the Advanced, Pro and Reseller. Oh, no …. by the way … the PRO plan will disappear for now.

We will add a billing option to make quarterly payments too, for those who can’t pay for a whole year upfront and still want to get an important discount.

This is how future premium publishers will be charged:

  • Standard: $9.99/mo (billed yearly) | $12.99/mo (billed quarterly) | $14.99/mo (billed monthly)
  • Advanced: $19.99/mo (billed yearly) | $24.99/mo (billed quarterly) | $29.99/mo (billed monthly)
  • Reseller: $99.99/mo (billed yearly) | $129.99/mo (billed quarterly) | $149.99/mo (billed monthly)

What if you’re already paying a premium plan?

Don’t worry, this change WON’T AFFECT CURRENT PREMIUM USERS. As long as you keep your current subscription, you will always pay the same as you are paying now. We have this commitment with you and we want to keep our word. But keep in mind that if you were planning to upgrade to a higher plan, you should do it before we change the whole pricing, and you will keep the current price for that higher subscription.

When will this change happen?

The new pricing model will become active the next Monday 13th of March 2017. Next week!

Hurry up! It’s the last chance to benefit from current prices.

As we just said, those publishers with a premium subscription active before the next March 13th (2017) will keep the current pricing forever. So hurry up and upgrade your Mobincube account this week and save a lot in the future!

Also, if you were planning to upgrade to the PRO plan, do it this week before it disappears and you’ll keep its $39.99/mo (billed monthly) price forever.