New functionalities available

Features Feb 14, 2014

Hey there! We’d like to tell you that we just released some new features in Mobincube, so that you can start creating new types of apps. These new features improve the DataBase functionality in your Mobincube apps. Here you have a list with the new functionalities:


They will let you navigate from one record to another within your detail views when using database screens. This new feature opens a wide range of app types you can create. For example, you could start publishing books with Mobincube and let your users go from one page to the next one.

RANDOM order

Do you need to create a screen that shows different content every time it is loaded? Now you can order your database content randomly, so that its records are placed in a different position everytime they are accessed.

New database filter: TODAY

Do you need to show records from your database that only make sense during the same day that your users are using the app? This new filter is what you were waiting for!

UTC time format

Finally we’ve fixed a big problem that Mobincube had when using dates. Now you can use your local times instead GMT+1 time format, and it will be automatically converted into your users’ time range.