Mopub's SDK issue fixed

Announcements Apr 13, 2016

This is an important message to all our publishers! Please read.

As you might already know (and if not, check your Google Play developer’s console), some weeks ago all the apps built (or republished) with Mobincube after May 2015 received a warning from Google. That warning was related to a vulnerability found in Mopub’s SDK, the AD network from Twitter.

I guess you are asking: “And what does mopub have to do with my app?”

As you know, users of Mobincube earn money with their apps via advertising. In order to accomplish that, we include in your app some SDKs (external libraries) from several AD networks, that are the ones that provide advertisers .

Even if you are not monetizing your app with ads, your app includes those SDKs, just in case at some point you decide to start monetizing them.

Well, one of the SDKs that we are using is precisely Mopubs. Google found some seriuos vulnerability within Mopub’s SDK. Basically, that SDK had a door open to malicious advertisers who wanted to access some device’s features from Javascript. Too techie, I know… but believe me, that wasn’t good. So that’s why Google wants to remove all apps from GooglePlay that are using that old SDK, just for people’s safety .

This issue has nothing to do with Mobincube. Not that we want to blame others, but failures in AD SDKs is something out of our control, and we can just react to those warnings.

After that warning, Mobincube’s team started working hard to switch to the new SDK, which doesn’t have that vulnerability. And that’s done !

From today, you should start re-publishing all your apps. Please follow these steps:

  1. Republish your app on Mobincube so your app takes the new SDK.
  2. Download the new APK file from Mobincube.
  3. Submit the new APK to GooglePlay.

Google will cancel your apps in June if you don’t republish them with the fix.

It is probable that most of your apps received that warning, since we asked you to republish in August 2015.

We know that republishing apps is kind of a pain in the ***. But republishing from time to time is a highly recommended practice. When you republish your apps, they benefit from source code improvements and some bugs migh be fixed. But even more important is that when you republish your apps your are somehow telling Google that your app is alive, so that helps your app improve their position on search results… and thus you make more money!