Mobincube will demote AdMob support

Features Oct 14, 2014

Hi there! It’s been a long relationship between Mobincube and AdMob, I’d say 4 years. We always liked their ad network. But during this year, AdMob’s eCPM has gone lower and lower. But that’s not the worst part. We’ve also received too much emails from our users telling us that AdMob suspended their accounts and they lost their pending revenue, not because of fraudulent clicks, but for keeping ads in some apps that were previously cancelled in Google Play. In those cases, advertisers don’t get their money back, so we suppose that AdMob is unfairly keeping thousands of dollars from our users after they rented their ad spaces to Google’s ad network.

We are always taking care of our users and happy to help you increase your revenue in a safer way. That’s why we’ve been looking for alternatives lately. Soon we will start working with other ad networks that are promising eCPMs higher than $5. You will make more money every 1000 impressions than now with AdMob and you will take less risk to get your account cancelled.

Of course, those of you who prefer keeping your AdMob accounts in the future will be allowed to keep doing it.

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