Mobincube: from a child to a grownup

Announcements Jul 18, 2014

As we told you some weeks ago, July was going to be the month for Mobincube to become a mature product. We started in 2008 just being a baby start-up, making mistakes, trying to learn things, watching the world around us… and that was hard until we became a kid in 2012, opening Mobincube to the Internet community, so that everyone could create a Mobincube account and start building apps. You know… when you are a kid and you think that you are doing things right.

That’s where we were since then. We tried to tell the world that Mobincube was easy to use. But the fact is that our experience and more than 300K users told us that Mobincube wasn’t that easy. Creating the first app required some learning. Also, understanding our pricing model was way too hard: so many different premium services, so many combinations, so many restrictions, unexpected fees, etc.

Then we started providing free webinars for teaching people how to use Mobincube. Yeah, right! That made things easier. But we just reached high school with that.

We kept working hard to make things easier. Finally we launched in July 2014 our new step by step wizards for creating your apps in minutes. Definitely that made things much easier for newbies. We reached University!

But the good thing is still to come next week. Next Monday we are graduating and we will finally become adults and get a life in the real world of software !

Mobincube is changing radically its business model. This will bring great benefits for our users. Well, I know that we were already offering the most competitive pricing conditions on the DIY app building industry. But we wanted to go further and become a really affordable solution for all domestic users and SMBs. I’m not talking about reducing prices again, but about changing our pricing philosophy.

After next Monday, Mobincube will become a monthly-subscription based software, as the software industry trends say. Naturally, we will keep offering a totally free version of Mobincube for those who can’t afford premium services. No hidden fees for them, that’s our promise. And for those who want to go premium, they’ll be able to chose a pricing tier, including some premium services and much more disc space to store their app’s resources. And they will be able to build unlimited apps including all the premium services in their pricing tier, just for a small monthly fee.

I know… we’re not awesome, but we try to be!