Let your users share the content of your app!

Tips Mar 18, 2014

Finally you can let your users share the content of your app! That was one of our most expected functionalities for months. It is a great functionality that can help you improve the quality and performance of your apps. Keep reading this post in order to learn how to take the most of the “share” functionality…

In the current version of the “share” functionality, you just need to enter a text as the parameter of the “share” action. That text can be a plain text that you want to share, but it can also be a URL or a combination of plain text + a URL. In case you are using this functionality within a Data View screen, you can also share the content of your database. Just write the name of the column in your database among parenthesis. If your column is called name, you can use “(name)” as the parameter of your share action. You can also share a picture if your database’s column is storing an image.

Here you have some scenarios where the share functionality can be really helpful for you:

1. Self promote your app

Let your users make promotion of your app with the “share” action. You should add a button in your app using the action “share” and set the parameter with a text of this style: “Hey! I recommend this app with hundreds of cooking tips: http://goo.gl/ngm97s”. If your users like your app, they might want their friends to install your app too. With this button, you let them easily share your app through your user’s social apps like WhatsApp, Line, Wechat, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

2. Create new types of apps

Are you looking for new types of apps in order to increase your app portfolio? The “share” functionality allows you create a brand new variety of apps that can bring you more revenues. You can create apps for sharing content in WhatsApp: “quotes for WhatsApp”, “jokes for WhatsApp”, “Funny Line stickers”, etc., etc.

3. Make your apps look trendy

Most important apps on the market always have a button to share content, so adding this feature to your apps will make them look trendy.

4. Satisfy your customer’s needs

In case you are using Mobincube to build professional apps for your customers, you might have been asked several times to add the share functionality in those apps. Now your customers will be happy to know that their apps will be able to share content.