How can CleverTap help you get better app reviews on Google Play?

Tips May 23, 2016

App reviews are much more important than you think. I guess it seems almost the same for your app to have 3.9 stars than 4.0. But no, it is not the same! That 0.1 more can make a huge impact in your earnings. It is not us who say that, it is Google.

Last week at the I/O event, Google gave some interesting facts about the impact of reviews on app earnings. Check the chart below:

The average quality score of one app is one of the key factors for people to decide if they’ll install your app. If your app’s score is above 3.0, it will make 9 times more downloads than if it falls below that score. Even if the gap is too small, like from 2.9 to 3.0, there’s a big psychological gap. People will think that your app is almost crap if the score is 2.9. But if the score is 3.0 they’ll think that your app is at least decent.

As a publisher, you have to take app reviews really seriously. Take care of your app and your users in order to try to get a higher score. Happy users will give you 4 or 5 stars.

So, how can you increase the score of your app?

Of course, providing apps that satisfy user needs is the key. High content quality, nice design, good user experience … it all can help. But most users forget to rate apps. Should you remind them?

It is always a good practice to remind your users. But some apps just bombard their users with a lot of pop-up messages with reminders, no matter who the user is. And that’s a bad practice, since you will remind it to unhappy users too.

What if you send a reminder only to those users who are happy with your app? That will definitely increase the rating of your apps.

How to send reminders only to your happy users?

Fortunately, there are tools to control that. Some months ago Mobincube started offering CleverTap services integrated in your apps. CleverTap is one of the best platforms for user engagement and advanced messaging. CleverTap registers the activity of your users within your apps, so that you can create segments of users and contact them via push notifications, email or in-app notifications.

For getting better app reviews, we will focus on in-app messaging. We assume that unhappy users won’t use your app more than once, but happy users will use it some more times. With CleverTap, you can detect if the same user is starting your app X times. And you can remotely pop-up windows in your app, those windows to be triggered by certain user actions.

It is quite easy to send an in-app reminder whenever a user starts your app for the 3rd or the 4th time. In that reminder, you can ask your user to rate your app and thank him for that. Add a button to that reminder that links to your app’s google play page.

The CleverTap integration is available in Mobincube from the Advanced plan, just $19.99 a month, which is a great investment, since it can help you increase your revenue a lot. Imagine that you are earning $100 a month with your apps, while your average rating is 3.7. Using CleverTap notifications you might be able to improve the rating above 4.0. Wouldn’t you like to multiply your earnings x2 or x4? You can go from $100/mo to $200 or $400 for just $20 a month.