Highly recommended: publish your iOS apps under your own Apple Developer account

Announcements Sep 18, 2017

IMPORTANT: if you published apps for iOS platforms (Apple) built with Mobincube in the past, or you’re planning to do so, you should fully read this post.

As you might have already read, some weeks ago Apple added a new clause to its AppStore review guidelines that has brought some cloudy times to the app builder industry. I’m talking about the paragraph 4.2.6, which reads: “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected”.

That clause has already caused pain to some app builders competitors of Mobincube and they had to stop offering support to the iOS platform, since Apple systematically started rejecting all apps submitted that were built using those app builders.

As far as we’re concern, apps built with Mobincube haven’t suffered the consequences of that new clause from Apple. Unlike most of the app builders that you can find on the market, which are mostly based on customizing app templates, Mobincube has always tried to become an actual development tool for non-developers, offering a high flexibility to build native apps that look quite different among them.

With this new clause, Apple is trying to avoid having thousands of apps available on the AppStore that are practically the same. They seem to be assuming that app generation services just produce apps from commercialized templates. So if you take advantage of all the features of Mobincube and create your own apps from scratch, with your own style, you shouldn’t have any trouble with Apple. Even much before this new clause, we’ve always recommended to you to put your best efforts and try to create apps for iOS that look unique: nice design and good functionality.

Anyway, we’re aware that Apple has the last word in this matter and sooner or later they could start shutting all developer accounts owned by app generation services. And, of course, that could include Mobincube’s apple developer account.

We now have a bunch of our publisher’s apps published under our apple developer account. If only one app on our account would happen to be considered to be infringing the 4.2.6 clause, Apple could ban our whole account and all other publishers would be affected.

We definitely want to avoid that situation, so in order to protect all of our publishers, we feel forced to stop publishing iOS apps under our apple’s developer account. From now on, if you want to publish your app on iTunes, you have to create your own apple developer account. We know that’s not cheap (there’s a fee of $100/year that you need to pay to Apple), but it’s worthy in case you don’t want to get your app banned from iTunes.

And if you already published your iOS app under Mobincube’s account, it is not too late. You should create your own developer account and tell us to transfer your app into your account.

Publishing on iTunes is not an easy-as-pie task. We know it. It is sometimes difficult even for us. And you need to have a Mac computer in order to be able to publish on your apple developer account. We understand that for most Mobincube publishers, publishing on their Apple account is hard. Therefore we will keep our service of publishing on iTunes for you, but we will only do it if you have an Apple account and you grant us access to it.