Important notice: Google banning apps

Jul 21, 2020

During the first week of June'20, Google started banning some apps built with Mobincube, because of a missunderstanding. The reason they gave was totally wrong.

They said that those apps included a so called "Mobincube SDK" which was accessing and collecting the phone number of the user, which was totally false.

Apps built with Mobincube did have a method in their source code to access phone number information, but it was not used. The source code of the apps built with Mobincube have a lot of method in order to provide a huge flexibility for developers to use them and create great apps.

Some Mobincubers need to access the phone number, and thus they add their own html/js screens that call to that function. So, only the apps of those users of Mobincube who intentionally wanted their apps to access the phone information are the ones that were accessing the phone number.

So, if you never added intentionally a screen in your app with the javascript code to access the phone number, your apps NEVER accessed nor collected the phone number.

Anyway, to avoid missunderstandings with Google, we removed that method from the source code and submitted an update on June 11.

After that, Mobincube users just needed to republish on Mobincube and re-submit their apps to Google play, in order to solve the problem and get their apps approved again.

That fix solved the problem with Google, but they are still banning some apps that were not re-submitted to Google Play after June 11.

IMPORTANT: if you still have apps on Google Play that their last update date is earlier than June 12, you should re-publish them ASAP to avoid problems with Google.

If your apps were already banned, you just need to republish them now.