Get you Pro app for free at the MobileBeat

Offers Jul 08, 2014

Are you attending the MobileBeat 2014 event in San Francisco during July 8th and 9th? You’re luck then! Mobincube will offer one professional mobile app (Pro plan) for free. You are saving $249 with this offer. Don’t miss this opportunity, all you have to do is contact our team member based in San Francisco (@ignacioroda) and he will set up everything so that you get your own app for free.

The Pro plan of Mobincube lets you create and publish your own app without ads inside and you’ll also be able to use premium services (cloud, push notifications, etc). We are giving you $249!

Mobincube, with more than 350K registered users, is the most flexible app builder on the planet. You can use our nice templates with our step-by-step creation wizards or you can customize every single part of your app. With Mobincube you can just  turn your idea into an app that will work on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices (smartphones and tablets).