The New Mobincube is here!


Today’s the date 다운로드! As we’ve been announcing these days, July was going to be an important month for Mobincube. We launched our wizards 2 weeks ago in order to help new users during the app creation process 다운로드. And today we’ve released a new brand business model that will definitelly change the rules of the app building industry.

From today, you can create unlimited apps with Mobincube and use premium services for all your apps for just a small monthly fee 다운로드. Forget about paying per every premium app that you want to create and forget about paying that annoying $1 to download your APK files in order to publish in GooglePlay. Now Mobincube is an online monthly subscription product with all services you need included in your plan.

Easier to understand our pricing model, yet the best part is that now Mobincube is even much more inexpensive! Remember when you had to pay $249/app/year for removing ads in one of your apps? Now you’ll just pay $9.99 a month and you will be able to remove ads in all the apps in your account. Easy!

And we still have the FREE plan!

Now the free plan comes with more, since now it is totally free. As said before, you won’t pay that $1 for the APK, IPA or XAP files. And you will be even able to send some push notifications for free.

Agencies will love the new Mobincube!

All users get benefits with the new Mobincube. And when it comes to agencies or developers building apps with Mobincube for their customers …. we rock! If you have 20 customers, you’ll save more than 4 grand per year! You’ll get the agency plan with private brand option for just  a flat rate of $99 a month for creating apps for all your customers. Isn’t that awesome?

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