The New Mobincube

Some years ago, we decided to start working on a new Mobincube, in order to make it easier to use and learn and also offer a brand new set of functionalities 버림받은 황비. It took a great effort, but we’re finally close to see the dream come true. Last year, we invited a group of users to test it and use it and now we’re finally opening our new beta interface to the public 다운로드.



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The new Mobincube puts everything in the same place, so you have easy access to all of its features 기본이력서 양식. With this new interface, Mobincube now becomes a pure drag & drop software.

We will still need some time to finish it, but you can now start using the new Mobincube in combination with the current one 다운로드.


More features

The new Mobincube offers a brand new set of functionalities that you can add to your apps 다운로드. Some examples are: user authentication, language detection, VR, mini-games, chats, social galleries, etc.

Those features are not available in the classic version of Mobincube, so if you want to add them to your app, you have to access the new Mobincube 버드리 그집앞 mp3.


How can you get access to the New Mobincube?

Accessing the new Mobincube is easy, you just need to go to and log in with the same user and password that you use for the classic version 다운로드. Once logged in, you can open any of your apps and start editting them.


Very important: there’s a risk of breaking your app 노부영.

You should also know that some of the features of the classic Mobincube are still not available in the new interface. For instance, if you want to add a database into your app, you’ll have to do it from the classic version 다운로드.

So, for creating apps using the features of the new interface, you’ll have to work with both interfaces, but never do it at the same time to avoid breaking your app 삼성 magician 다운로드.

When we say “at the same time”, we mean that you should NOT have your app open at the same time in both interfaces in different tabs of your browser.

If you want to log in the new Mobincube, it is very important that you log out from any open session that you might have in the classic Mobincube. Once done it, you can safely log in the new interface.

Keep in mind that the new interface is still in beta version.

  • Daniel Ago

    thanks for handwork am thrilled to be part of this wonderful community of developers