Mopub’s SDK issue fixed

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This is an important message to all our publishers 다운로드! Please read.

As you might already know (and if not, check your Google Play developer’s console), some weeks ago all the apps built (or republished) with Mobincube after May 2015 received a warning from Google 써틴 게임 다운로드. That warning was related to a vulnerability found in Mopub’s SDK, the AD network from Twitter.

I guess you are asking: “And what does mopub have to do with my app?”

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Mobincube Named One of the Top App Builders of 2016

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Mobincube has been ranked among the top app creators available today by ratings and review firm Clutch 브루스 올마이티. As mobile apps become a standard in interacting in the digital world, platforms to enable easy app building are becoming important commodities.

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Keys to mobile apps development [INFOGRAPHICS]

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As shocking as it might seem, it is the hard truth about the mobile market: 6 out of 10 apps in Apple’s App Store has never been downloaded Powerpoint 2016 download. That must be especially frustrating when you spend hundreds of hours to prepare, develop, and polish your app. For that reason, Spanish Bank, BBVA made a great infographic about things to remember while developing  mobile apps 유튜브 폰으로 다운로드.

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Why do Mobincube apps use so many permissions?




A large number of permissions in your app can damage its conversion 다운로드. I mean, the percentage of people that will install the app after they land on its GooglePlay site will be reduced. Basically people get scared by permissions 다운로드. When they see a lot of permissions they start thinking that the app developer wants to steal their data or invade their privacy.

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how trends in the mobile market change

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How big is the mobile market 다운로드? It’s huge! If you are still not sure whether you should enter the mobile world take a look at this infographic, made by Crittercism, to see where it’s going 까탈레나.

First of all, consider those few facts:

  • Nearly 70% of customers shopped using a mobile device
  • 60% of holiday traffic on was made on mobile devices
  • In a single day (11.11) 74% of sales on Alibaba were made from mobile devices

This data shows that your mobile absence may cost you half of your business 마인크래프트 지구멸망모드.

But that was for last year, so is it going to be like that in next few years?

Well, data about generation Y shows that mobile is only going to be bigger 다운로드!

Generation Y (a.k.a. Millennials) are people born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. This is the generation that follows Generation X – baby boomers 다운로드. In a few years, they are going to have the biggest purchasing power, so let’s take a look at how they use mobile devices.

Data shows that 68% of Millennials shop or research on their mobile devices, compared with 59% of baby boomers 다운로드. Also, at least 20% of them shop more on mobile than in any other way, which is real shopping or shopping on a PC.

But there is more, Millennials are so focused on mobile that they are likely to recommend a nice app if they were satisfied with how it works 다운로드. Nearly 70% of them would recommend it to a friend, compared with only 57% of people from Generation X.

If you want more information, check out the infographic below 다운로드. And keep in mind, mobile is only going to grow!






How to double profits from advertising


Earning on mobile applications can be fun – on one condition: using the proper advertising network 다운로드!

You can find hundreds of ad providers from around the world on the internet. Some companies offer a huge number of customers, others surprising ad formats and some tempting price tags 제이 브릿지 다운로드.

The price tag, what is it? It is CPM. CPM – Stands for Cost Per Thousand – where M refers to a symbol 1000 of a Roman numeral. For example, if the CPM is $2 it means that an advertiser will pay $2 for every 1,000 ad impressions your application or website receives 타로 운세 다운로드.

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Jak podwoić zyski z reklam


Zarabianie na aplikacjach mobilnych może być przyjemnością – pod jednym warunkiem: korzystasz z odpowiedniej sieci reklamowej 다운로드!

W sieci możesz znaleźć setki dostawców reklam z całego świata. Jedne firmy oferują olbrzymie ilości klientów, inne zaskakujące formaty reklamowe, a jeszcze inne kuszą ceną 어도비 라이트 룸 다운로드.

Ceną, czyli czym? Czyli Współczynnikiem CPM. CPM – to akronim od Cost Per Thousand – gdzie M odnosi się do symbolu 1000 w liczbach rzymskich 다운로드. Jeżeli wiec CPM wynosi $2 to znaczy, że reklamodawca zapłaci $2 za każde 1000 wyświetleń reklamy w danej aplikacji lub na stronie internetowej.

Im wyższy CPM tym oczywiście wyższe zyski z reklam 유니티 엔진 다운로드. Dlatego warto już teraz przenieść się do naszej Nowej Sieci Reklamowej – dzięki temu Twoje zyski mogą się podwoić!

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