Nice try, Microsoft!











We have to say it, we love Windows Phone 다운로드. It is probably the most intuitive mobile operating system (if you don’t believe it, try to give an Android phone, an iPhone and a WindowsPhone to Granny) 다운로드. The UI is super nice, we believe Microsoft really changed some trends on graphic design for small screens.

But WindowsPhone faced an important issue: the world didn’t want it 다운로드. And because of that, we sadly have to say: Mobincube will stop supporting WindowsPhone soon. Anyway, we will always be its friend 다운로드.

Let us explain why we’ve taken this decision…

There are several reasons for Mobincube to stop supporting WindowsPhone:

  • Microsoft seemed to unofficially discontinue WindowsPhone when they didn’t even mention it during the last Build event in San Francisco 다운로드.
  • Most of our publishers don’t really care about it.
  • Advertisers are not investing on WindowsPhone, so it is pretty unprofitable to build apps with Mobincube and expect to earn money with the WindowsPhone version 4k uhd 영상 다운로드. Admob just announced that they will stop offering ads for WindowsPhone.
  • Mobincube is planning to add some amazing features in order for you to create awesome apps 다운로드. In most of the cases those features rely on third party tech providers who don’t work with WindowsPhone. That makes things really hard to keep Mobincube compatible with all 3 platforms (Android, iOS and WindowsPhone) 테라리아 다운로드. So, what do you prefer: keep WP compatibility or be able to build amazing apps?


I published some apps on Windows marketplace, how will this affect my apps 다운로드?

If you already published WP apps built with Mobincube, you will still be able to update them. Mobincube is deprecating WP compatibility, but not killing it 겨울 왕국 자막. The button for publishing the WP version will still be available, but you will only use it at your own risk. Future functionalities added to Mobincube won’t work on WindowsPhone versions and might even cause a crash in your app. Our support department won’t be able to help you in case you face issues with the WP version.


What’s the timeline?

From today, Mobincube stops telling the world that we are compatible with WindowsPhone platforms, so new users shouldn’t expect their apps to work on that platform.

Our support team will offer their help if you have trouble with your WP version until the 31st of December of 2016. Kind of tricky though, since you should expect our team to be partying that day!

By the end of the 2nd quarter or 2017 (exact date not yet available), we might totally remove WindowsPhone compatibility and you won’t find the button to publish the WP version.

Of course, in case Microsoft change its mind in the future and keeps betting on Windows OS for mobile devices, we will consider supporting it. Time will tell us.

  • alex

    Heres why Windows phone flopped, because people are sick an tired of Windows 8 and 10 being flops with hard to figure UI. Windows 8 is the worst most confusing OS ever, so why deal with a phone even if it was the best. If the phone came out during Windows XP it might have been a hit