Mobile Apps Vs. Mobile Sites

A lof of people is always asking us if they should have wether a native app or a mobile site for they company Download facebook iPhone.

We always say the same: “It’s not about picking one of them!“. Of course, if you have a website, you should have it ready for working on mobile devices, so you should have a mobile site with the same information 정부상징 다운로드. But your next step is having your own native apps, they can bring you or your company a lot of benefits. We’ve put all of those benefits in this presentation 다운로드.

다운로드. Mobile Sites" target="_blank">Mobile Apps Vs. Mobile Sites from mobincube

  • Elena Yuschenko

    There is an ability to crate a progressive web application instead of the native one. Itiss a mobile application delivered through the web. PWA provides the customer with the same experience as an application but through the browser. In the browser, PWA feels like a native app. PWA takes a higher retention rate of customers with fewer investments in the marketing.