Xmas is coming App Challenge 2017

Good news: from today and until the end of November, your app downloads will count as money 다운로드!

How’s that possible?????

Well, we’re launching a new pre-xmas app challenge to fill you up with energy to develop, publish and position new apps during October and November 다운로드. The more downloads you make, the more money we will pay you.

This is the math:

Besides the money you’ll make with your ad impressions, we will pay you $5 extra per every 1000 users that download your app 다운로드.

That simple!

For instance, if by the end of November your apps make:

  • 3,005 downloads, we pay you $15 + usual ad revenue
  • 47,000 downloads, we pay you $235 + usual ad revenue
  • 200,000 downloads, we pay you $1000 + usual ad revenue


And these are the terms of this challenge:

  • It’s only valid for new apps published on Mobincube and GooglePlay from October 12, 2017 until November 30, 2017 (the publishing date on Mobincube of version 1 of the app must be October 12, 2017 or later) 다운로드.
  • Only those downloads that happen between October 12, 2017 and November 30, 2017 will be considered for calculating your bonus.
  • If the same end user downloads more than once the same app, only the first download will be considered 다운로드.
  • A download is counted succesfully only if it generates a minimum of 10 AD impressions.


Why you should take serious this app challenge 다운로드?

Of course, the first reason is that you’ll see your November revenue grow a lot.

But the extra revenue won’t end with November 다운로드. With this challenge, we want you to focus on positioning your apps on GooglePlay. If you reach a great positioning in November, your apps will keep doing a great number of organic downloads during the following months, so your future monthly revenue should be higher than your current one.

And remember: xmas is coming! Advertisers pay higher revenue in their xmas campaigns, so it is the best time of the year to focus on growing your downloads:

higher downloads + higher CPM = great revenue


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