When Mobincube met Firebase, something amazing happened


Good news for all of you Mobincubers 다운로드! This week we’ve taken a big step forward by integrating some of the Firebase services into Mobincube. In case you don’t know, Firebase is a great set of tools that Google offers to app developers to make their lives much easier 웹툰 다이어터 다운로드.

Among those tools, we’ve first chosen Push & Analytics. So, from now on, you’ll have to use Firebase to send push notifications to your users 다운로드.

This means a big change. If you ever sent push notifications from Mobincube to your app users, you know how it worked 다운로드. Basically, you could broadcast a message to all your users and the message would reach them just right after you clicked on the “send” button 다운로드. There was no scheduling option neither any kind of user segmentation.

Firebase gives you a bunch of options for sending messages to your users:

  • Customize the title and the body of the message jquery 이미지.
  • Schedule the delivery. You can even use the receiver’s time.
  • Send a message to a single user, a segment of users or all of them 웜즈 apk 다운로드.
  • A/B testing. Send different messages to subgroups of users and analyze which one performs better.
  • Use Firebase’s API to integrate deliveries with your own systems 다운로드.
  • And some more.

User segmentation offers some good options. The most obvious one is the language of the user. Now you can send different messages to users who speak English, Spanish, French, etc 섀도우 헌터스 다운로드. But it gets better. You can also create audiences of users, based on geography, demographics, behaviour, etc. Not bad, right?

If you’re using CleverTap for engaging your users, the change is not going to cause you any trouble origin pro 8 0. CleverTap is compatible with FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging). You’ll just have to make sure that you configure Firebase on Mobincube. And if you’re not using CleverTap…. you should!

If you’re an app reseller developing apps with Mobincube for your customers, Firebase is also helping a lot. You won’t need to grant access to your customer to use Mobincube’s Cloud. Instead, you can just use your customer’s Firebase account for his app.

As we said above, we’re also integrating Firebase Analytics. There’s not that big difference with Google Analytics. In fact, by integrating Firebase, you can also see the data on the Google Analytics. The big thing for you is that we’re making it available on all Mobincube plans (it used to be available only from the Advanced plan).

This is only the beginning. In the future, we’ll keep adding some other Firebase tools to Mobincube.