Your loyalty deserves a FREE premium account

We have great news today 경력 이력서 양식. We just reached an agreement with, a new web product to store digital files on the Cloud. Thanks to that agreement, all Mobincube users, even those with a free subscription, will have free access to the Plan Plus of offers a free plan that includes 1GB of storage space, but, as a reward of your loyalty, just for having a Mobincube account you are getting 100GB for free 다운로드.

Please follow this link to register on and you’ll get your free 100GB.


Should I really have a account 다운로드?

Yes, you should. Of course, it is not mandatory, but if you have (or plan to have) online content in your apps, is going to be super useful to you.



Why is useful to me?

Well, you can use for general purposes and store any files that you want, but, if you are a Mobincube user building apps, is going to become a great ally for you.

When using remote content inside your apps, you used to have several options to host that content: Mobincube’s Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, your own FTP server, …

The easiest option was to use Mobincube’s Cloud, since Dropbox and other famous cloud services use to provide a link to a downloading site, instead of a direct link to the file, and it is not that obvious to find the direct link. But let’s admit it: Mobincube’s cloud is getting too old and obsolete.

Renewing the Mobincube’s cloud is currently not an option for us. It would take a lot of resources to create something that is not our specialty. So we’ve decided to start using 3rd party tools from companies that focus their effort in creating such great tools.

Our plan is to end up having as the unique place to host all your app files, since their performance is much better than Mobincube’s cloud and they will keep updating it.



How safe is

We’ve seen how works and they showed us the technology they use. After that, we can say that your files are super safe with them. They’ve built their platform using Kubernetes technology, the same that Google uses in their servers. That technology allows them to scale their software automatically, meaning that in some day there’s a huge peak of demand, their servers won’t collapse.

Furthermore, they are hosting their platform in one of the most famous internation web hosting providers, which adds a lot of safety to your files.


  • Ángel

    Parece interesante. Por lo que he visto, por el momento no dispone de una aplicación de escritorio tipo Dropbox, sino que hay que operar vía web ¿verdad? ¿Hay plan de tenerla pronto?