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How to drastically boost your downloads – Ultimate ASO Guide


How to dramatically boost your downloads – Ultimate ASO Guide

“Second page of Google, doesn’t exist” SEO people say, and I guess most of us can back that up with personal experience. In the App Market, search works the same. What doesn’t appear within first few results will be quickly forgotten. The good news though, is that you can change your ranking by using ASO techniques. What’s even better news is that 50% of developers don’t do this at all. So take this Ultimate ASO (which stands for App Search Optimization) Guide, and boost your downloads within minutes!

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Secret weapon of app building – how to make a great prototype.


How to make a great prototype – secret weapon of app building.

Do you know the story of Pulse app? It is a newsfeed reader that became one of the 50 apps in Apple’s App Store Hall of Fame. The Pulse case is famous not because it was a university project that became a successful business, but because of the story of its amazingly user-friendly interface.

Two students of (design school based at Stanford University), Ankit Gupta and Akshay Kothari, had enrolled in the LaunchPad class, where they were assigned a task to start a company from scratch and incorporate it within 10 weeks. They had no idea about mobile apps or entrepreneurship, but they decided to take the challenge. They spent long hours in the coffee shop, on the university campus, prototyping their app with post-it notes and colorful markers. Every time they made some changes, and they were doing them every few minutes, they were asking customers and pedestrians for their opinion, basing their improvements on their feedback.

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7 reasons why young mothers can be financially independent

7 reasons, young mothers can stay financially independent.


Every one minute six new babies are born in United States. It is a beautiful and touching moment and beginning of a long, hard, but also grateful journey. The firs step, one of the hardest, is decision, whether stay home with kids, or quickly come back to work.

Since 90´s, that decision, is easier, thanks to internet and endless possibilities of working part time from home. But recently big revolution happened, and today, it is easier than ever for young mothers (or fathers), to stay home with kids, and still follow their career.

Let me show you this 7 reasons, why young mothers, should make apps with Mobincube, and stay financially independent!

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My first app with Mobincube

Some people have great ideas to build an app, so they try Mobincube. Mobincube offers a huge flexibility and a great functionality so that they can create compelling apps. But, let’s face it… because of that flexibility some users find it a bit difficult to start creating their first app with Mobincube, so they get stuck as soon as they reach the app edition section of our website. They need some learning before finding out that Mobincube is a really powerful tool.

We are trying always to make it easier to the user, so we promise that we will ease the first step as well. In the meantime, here you have some recommendations so that creating your first app doesn’t make you crazy.

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A roadmap for mobile app success

The marketplace is smitten with mobile apps. Everywhere you go you will see apps on offer for everything from banks and insurance companies to non-profit groups and travel companies.

Obviously some apps are wildly successful while others end up forgotten. The thing is that simply having an app for people to use is not enough, any more than opening a restaurant will guarantee people will come to eat there.

Think of apps as tools: If you were looking at a fully stocked workshop, which tool would be the best suited to what you hope to offer consumers with your app? Metaphorically speaking, are you better with a hammer, a drill, or a circular saw?

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LEARNING FROM THE BEST: The Mobincube Team shares some of their favourite apps of late

At Mobincube, we love apps. Of course, we’re biased because we live and breathe mobile
app development (and we’re pretty sure ours is the coolest) but we never stop exploring
other great apps. We use them to make our worklives easier and we look to them for
inspiration. So we thought we’d share a few of our faves with you. From games to solutions and everything in between, here are our Top 5:

1. Myfitnesspal
This app is #1 for us: It’s a New Year and we’re all working towards leading healthier, fitter lives. (When we talked about resolutions last month, “losing weight” seemed to be on everyone’s lists!) Myfitnesspal helps users track net calories to ensure they’re staying within healthy daily ranges. And because it’s mobile, there’s no excuse not to track everything you eat! It also has a huge database of “calories burned by exercise” so that you can also calculate how many calories you burn each day!

2. Pandora
Pandora is on our Top 5 list because “getting free music” is awesome second only, perhaps, to “getting free food”. Pandora allows users to stream new music, and it’s free. Need we say more? (Note: Pandora is currently available only to users in the US, New Zealand, and Australia but they promise broader access soon!)

3. Flipboard
We like Flipboard because it brings out the infocurator in all of us. With Flipboard, users can create their own “virtual newsrooms” full of the things they care about. It also allows users to organize newsbits into topic groups, and displays them intuitively in a tiled interface. Now instead of turning a page, you can “flip” through articles by “flipping”. Very cool!

4. 100 Floors
The Mobincube Team loves 100 Floors, and made bets here at the office on who could get the furthest by the end of the month. So fun! The concept is simple: Users move from floor to floor by solving increasingly more complex puzzles. It’s a great way to pass your time and to exercise your brain! Note: Ignacio won the contest, but we’re pretty sure he clash royale hack 2017 no survey cheated.

5. Google Chrome
It’s a bit out of place, perhaps, on this list, but we had to give a shoutout to good ol’ Google Chrome. Why? Because we’re so sick of Safari on iOS. Thus our excitement at the release of Google’s very own web browser for iOS and Android mobile devices this year. All the features and ingenuity of Google on your Apple mobile device or Android. Check it out!

When you’re done exploring these fun apps, make sure to check out Mobincube the free, easy, and quick doityourself mobile app builder you can use to create great apps.