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12 ideas for apps that will help you make money


12 ideas for apps that will help you make money 

Have you ever wondered what kind of app should you do next? Which is going to be popular or which one will monetize best? We know this feeling really well; each of us needs inspiration from time to time. 

For the sake of developers allies, we have prepared a list of the 10 greatest inspirations for apps. All of them are apps that will constantly be in demand, so this list will be valid for a very long time. The list that we have prepared contains both business apps and those for monetization. 

Note that all of these apps you can easily create with our templates, but you can also start from scratches. 

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When applications earn and how they die.


When applications earn and how they die.

The gold rush never ended, and certainly not in 19th century. Since those days, it is just not about mining anymore, it is a state of mind. Good ideas, great opportunities, and even greater expectations to get rich. Nowadays, we are  seeing an app rush, with thousands being uploaded to the markets every day, and millions more waiting to be published.

But even though many individuals have made fortunes on apps, sometimes almost “overnight,” can you really expect that? While developers and entrepreneurs keep their finger crossed, we decided to investigate our database to give you a precise overview of what the distribution of income looks like over time.

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How much can I earn making mobile apps


How much can I earn making mobile apps?

Have you ever wonder how much money you can make doing mobile apps? Probably you did, because we are flooded with some unbelievable statistics about the mobile market. Thousands of new apps, tens of thousands downloads, millions made on games, and small islands bought by young billionaires. I bet that the idea of being a part of it crossed your mind, to take just a little slice of a cake.

If you didn’t board, because of a lack of programing skills, or any other reason,  then you will find a lot of good news during the next 3:45 minutes.

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Mobincube will demote admob support

Hi there! It’s been a long relationship between Mobincube and Admob, I’d say 4 years. We always liked their ad network. But during this year, admob’s eCPM has gone lower and lower. But that’s not the worst part. We’ve also received too much emails from our users telling us that Admob suspended their accounts and they lost their pending revenue, not because of fraudulent clicks, but for keeping ads in some apps that were previously cancelled in GooglePlay. In those cases, advertisers don’t get their money back, so we suppose that admob is unfairly keeping thousands of dollars from our users after they rented their ad spaces to Google’s ad network.

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How to double your ad revenue with Interstitial ads



Two weeks ago we announced a new functionality for your apps built with Mobincube that lets you decide where to add some extra interstitial ads to your apps. As you know, mobincube apps used to show a regular ad banner on the bottom of the screen and always show an interstitial ad when starting the app. Now you are able to show more interstitial ads whenever you want in your app. One easy way to increase your ad revenue is making your app show a full screen ad everytime your users go back to the main menu of your app.

This might look unnecesary… but it can help your revenue go double!

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How to monetize your app with admob

As you might already know, admob has recently changed. Now it seems a different product, a part of adSense, but keeps the old name. First you need to do is create a new admob account. Once created the new account they will let you import data from your old admob account. Well, we assume that you already did that. This post will focus on how to create new ad codes to monetize your apps.

IMPORTANT: With the new Admob you have to publish your app in GooglePlay or iTunes before adding it to admob. After published your app, it takes about 2 days until you can find your app in the search engine of admob. Don’t worry, you can enter the AD UNIT ID in Mobincube after your app is published, without the need of republishing your app. Mobincube Apps published (or republished after 1st of August 2013) update online its ad information on every app execution.

If you are used to the old interface, you’ll feel akward the first time you try the new admob. But you’ll find out soon that it is prety cool.

Follow these steps to create a new ad code:

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Is it possible to earn money with your Mobincube apps?

A lot of people ask us if it is really possible to make money with Mobincube by creating and publishing apps from their homes. We only have an answer to that question: YES, it is possible. But we don’t want to lie to you. It is not about creating one simple app and expect it to make you rich. It is true that some users have created one app in 15 minutes and earned $1000. But let’s face it, this is one out of a thousand! If you really want to turn your apps into money, you should follow some guidelines:

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How to ensure your new mobile app will make you money

So you’ve built an awesome mobile app. It has great features that you know users need, and the market shows real demand for it. You’ve crossed your fingers and launched it, and now you’re waiting. And waiting. And waiting. But you’re not hitting your revenue targets and you’re starting to wonder what went wrong.

Don’t fret! Perhaps you need to go back just a little ways, and look at strategy:

The best idea, product, brand, or app in the world isn’t worth much if no one knows it exists or understands why they should check it out. Making money from a mobile app requires first introducing the app to a target market and showing them why it’ll bring them real value — fun, entertainment, information, education, or insight. Further, that market has to know what they’ll get if and when they choose to pay.

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Mobincube: A Model for Mobile App Monetization

Discovering mobile app development (for both the hobbyists and the pros) can be so much fun at first (and so intensive) that it’s easy to forget why you’re building the app in the first place.

For most people, the why is to make money (either second-hand, by driving traffic to a corporate website or online business, or first-hand, by making an app that can be monetized).
In order to ensure that you stay on track, it’s important to have a business model in place before you get started.

Some well-known business models in use today include:

● The Franchise Model (think: McDonald’s)

● The Premium Model (think: Louis Vuitton)

● The Direct Response Model (think: The Shopping Channel)

● The Subscription Model (think: National Geographic)

But what kind of business models exist for mobile apps? Are they effective? And how do you integrate a model that will give your business or brand the highest chance of monetary success?
Here are two common mobile monetization models you might consider:
1. The “Pay-Per-Download” Model:
The “Pay-Per-Download” monetization model is the most common used by app developers today. (It was popularized by platforms like iTunes, where users pay money to use or procure an app on their mobile or tablet device.)
2. The “Freemium” Model:
The “Freemium” model is the one that gave most software and online applications their initial success. It allows potential users to try before they buy and gives businesses the opportunity to get their products out to the masses with a low barrier for potential customer engagement.
The “Freemium” model is often complemented in the mobile world by tactics such as:
a. In-App Advertising
You know those pesky ads that pop-up before you can play your favorite free mobile game? That’s how some free apps make money. By commercializing part (but not all of) the app experience, developers can make a sizable income without having to monetize their own product, and still extend good-will be allowing users to access some of their app’s features.
b. In-App Purchasing
You downloaded the latest free version of Angry Birds, and “3-starred” all 10 levels, and are excited to move on, but…you can’t! That’s how “in-app purchasing” works – you can’t access additional levels or characters without paying. A lot of free apps capitalize on initial interest for their by gating certain experiences, levels or services. This method of monetization works, especially if you have a great app or product, because usually by the time users get to those pay-only levels, they’re invested.
No matter which model you choose to employ for your business, brand, and new app, the most important part will be the target market and industry research you perform before you get started. Find out where your ideal users are, and what modes of monetization your competitors are using. You may even try different approaches for different products and for different markets to see which is the most successful.
And don’t forget: If you get stuck, give the Mobincube team a call today (or join the Mobincube community on Facebook). We live, breathe, and dream “mobile app development” and can help you navigate musically fans hack this new (and fast-moving) landscape.
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