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Mobincube FAQs: what does the MAU limit in our paid plans mean?


Hey there!

We receive a lot of questions regarding the MAU thing that appears in our pricing plans table.

In this video we’re trying to solve those questions 서울한강체 폰트 다운로드.

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Spanish version:

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The New Mobincube

기본이력서 양식

Some years ago, we decided to start working on a new Mobincube, in order to make it easier to use and learn and also offer a brand new set of functionalities 버림받은 황비. It took a great effort, but we’re finally close to see the dream come true. Last year, we invited a group of users to test it and use it and now we’re finally opening our new beta interface to the public 다운로드.



If you don’t want to read, play this audio, we will read it for you

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Windows Phone: game over :(


As we announced on Sep 2016 on our blog, we were about to stop supporting Windows Phone compatibility Gson-2.3.1.jar download. Since then, we’ve kept the option on Mobincube to let you publish your apps on Windows Phone, just in case you had an old app for that platform that you needed to update, but keeping in mind that some day we would remove the option 다운로드. And that day has come…

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When Mobincube met Firebase, something amazing happened



Good news for all of you Mobincubers 다운로드! This week we’ve taken a big step forward by integrating some of the Firebase services into Mobincube. In case you don’t know, Firebase is a great set of tools that Google offers to app developers to make their lives much easier 웹툰 다이어터 다운로드.

Among those tools, we’ve first chosen Push & Analytics. So, from now on, you’ll have to use Firebase to send push notifications to your users 다운로드.

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Important notice: NEW BUSINESS MODEL. Actions required.


Most of you have been begging us to let you monetize your apps with Admob 다운로드. We wanted to give you that privilege, but Admob was incompatible with our business model, since their policies don’t allow mediators to monetize apps on behalf of publishers 무료 샘플 영상 다운로드. But still, we want you to be happy and earn more money with Admob, so the only way to achieve that is by breaking our business model down and bring a brand new one to Mobincube 다운로드.

Keep reading this full post, since it is a very big change on the way you’ll make money with Mobincube

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생일축하송 다운로드

About the last GooglePlay warnings

Celtx download

As you should already know, Google sent emails to most of our beloved Mobincube publishers at the beginning of September, reminding them to honour GooglePlay’s policies in terms of personal data protection 더케이투 다운로드. Google gave publishers 30 days to make sure that their apps follow Google’s privacy rules in order to avoid app cancelations. Most of you have been asking us about this matter, so here’s our official answer to all of you 다운로드.

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