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Screenshots ar sooooo important!!!!

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If you want to be a successful app developer, you shouldn’t only focus on creating great apps. It’s problably more important the work that comes after you finish the app: the distribution 다운로드.

The best app in the world can be a big failure if nobody downloads it.

For getting higher downloads, you definitely need to have great screenshots 학습지 다운로드. Check this video, we will explain why:

Spanish version:

The new interface is coming (really)


A long time ago we announced that we were working on a brand new interface that would make Mobincube much faster and much easier to work with. We released a beta version of it, around 2 years ago, but you started thinking that we would never finish it, right redhat 7?

Well, as announced some days ago, we are back to work and putting a lot of effort to start releasing new things.

Today we are finally announcing that we just started the transition to the new interface 다운로드. Check this video to learn more:

English version:

Spanish version:

New feature: lead your users to some specific page after they click on a push notification sent via Firebase

윈도우 10 1809 iso 다운로드

From today, you can send push notifications to your apps using Firebase (that’s not new) and lead your users to some specific page of your app after they tap on the notification (this is the new thing) 나루토 리틀파이터.

IMPORTANT: in order to use this new feature, you’ll need to update your app.

In this video we explain how to use this new feature 다음 메일 다운로드.


Spanish version: