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Keys to mobile apps development [INFOGRAPHICS]

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As shocking as it might seem, it is the hard truth about the mobile market: 6 out of 10 apps in Apple’s App Store has never been downloaded Powerpoint 2016 download. That must be especially frustrating when you spend hundreds of hours to prepare, develop, and polish your app. For that reason, Spanish Bank, BBVA made a great infographic about things to remember while developing  mobile apps 유튜브 폰으로 다운로드.

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how trends in the mobile market change

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How big is the mobile market 다운로드? It’s huge! If you are still not sure whether you should enter the mobile world take a look at this infographic, made by Crittercism, to see where it’s going 까탈레나.

First of all, consider those few facts:

  • Nearly 70% of customers shopped using a mobile device
  • 60% of holiday traffic on was made on mobile devices
  • In a single day (11.11) 74% of sales on Alibaba were made from mobile devices

This data shows that your mobile absence may cost you half of your business 마인크래프트 지구멸망모드.

But that was for last year, so is it going to be like that in next few years?

Well, data about generation Y shows that mobile is only going to be bigger 다운로드!

Generation Y (a.k.a. Millennials) are people born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. This is the generation that follows Generation X – baby boomers 다운로드. In a few years, they are going to have the biggest purchasing power, so let’s take a look at how they use mobile devices.

Data shows that 68% of Millennials shop or research on their mobile devices, compared with 59% of baby boomers 다운로드. Also, at least 20% of them shop more on mobile than in any other way, which is real shopping or shopping on a PC.

But there is more, Millennials are so focused on mobile that they are likely to recommend a nice app if they were satisfied with how it works 다운로드. Nearly 70% of them would recommend it to a friend, compared with only 57% of people from Generation X.

If you want more information, check out the infographic below 다운로드. And keep in mind, mobile is only going to grow!






Top 21 Quotes on Mobile of All Time



Top 21 Quotes on Mobile of All Time

Sometimes changes around us happen so fast that we don’t even realize how big they are 마루밑 아리에티. We are so caught up in our everyday life and accustomed to the constant improvement in technology, that we no longer see how exciting world around us is 다운로드.

We made this list of 21 best quotes on mobile, to help you realize that mobile shift is happening right now! Don’t miss it.
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12 ideas for apps that will help you make money


12 ideas for apps that will help you make money 

Have you ever wondered what kind of app should you do next 스카이림 컬러풀매직 다운로드? Which is going to be popular or which one will monetize best? We know this feeling really well; each of us needs inspiration from time to time. 

For the sake of developers allies, we have prepared a list of the 10 greatest inspirations for apps 패턴메이커 다운로드. All of them are apps that will constantly be in demand, so this list will be valid for a very long time. The list that we have prepared contains both business apps and those for monetization 다운로드. 

Note that all of these apps you can easily create with our templates, but you can also start from scratches 다운로드. 

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11 tips to get your app through Apple App Store Review easily


11 tips to get your app through Apple App Store Review easily

Publishing on iOS is both challenging and rewarding 다운로드. Even though App Store Review Guidelines are strict and demanding, many developers still want to publish on Apple devices. It is not surprising, particularly because the average iOS app makes 5 times more, per download, than an Android app 다운로드.

To make things easy and smooth for you, we have gathered together all of our experience and created this 11 step guide 다운로드. Below you have 11 tips, best practices, and common mistakes that we noticed after publishing thousands of apps in the Apple App Store.

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How to drastically boost your downloads – Ultimate ASO Guide


How to dramatically boost your downloads – Ultimate ASO Guide

“Second page of Google, doesn’t exist” SEO people say, and I guess most of us can back that up with personal experience 자바 8 64비트 다운로드. In the App Market, search works the same. What doesn’t appear within first few results will be quickly forgotten. The good news though, is that you can change your ranking by using ASO techniques 묘진전 다운로드. What’s even better news is that 50% of developers don’t do this at all. So take this Ultimate ASO (which stands for App Search Optimization) Guide, and boost your downloads within minutes 계절과 계절사이!

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Don’t you have an app while your competitors do?

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I remember 10 years ago when there were quite a lot businesses that still didn’t have their own website and they started staying behind their cleverer competitors who earlier decided to make their spot in the world wide web 생일축하 편지지 다운로드. Should we think that it’s happening the same to those business that are not having their own mobile apps these days? My answer is YES 뻑이가요.

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