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Windows Phone: game over :(


As we announced on Sep 2016 on our blog, we were about to stop supporting Windows Phone compatibility Gson-2.3.1.jar download. Since then, we’ve kept the option on Mobincube to let you publish your apps on Windows Phone, just in case you had an old app for that platform that you needed to update, but keeping in mind that some day we would remove the option 다운로드. And that day has come…

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디지털 다운로드 다운로드

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: publish your iOS apps under your own Apple Developer account


IMPORTANT: if you published apps for iOS platforms (Apple) built with Mobincube in the past, or you’re planning to do so, you should fully read this post 다운로드.

As you might have already read, some weeks ago Apple added a new clause to its AppStore review guidelines that has brought some cloudy times to the app builder industry 다운로드. I’m talking about the paragraph 4.2.6, which reads: “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected” 다운로드.

That clause has already caused pain to some app builders competitors of Mobincube and they had to stop offering support to the iOS platform, since Apple systematically started rejecting all apps submitted that were built using those app builders 엑셀 2013 크랙 다운로드.

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Nice try, Microsoft!












We have to say it, we love Windows Phone 다운로드. It is probably the most intuitive mobile operating system (if you don’t believe it, try to give an Android phone, an iPhone and a WindowsPhone to Granny) 다운로드. The UI is super nice, we believe Microsoft really changed some trends on graphic design for small screens.

But WindowsPhone faced an important issue: the world didn’t want it 다운로드. And because of that, we sadly have to say: Mobincube will stop supporting WindowsPhone soon. Anyway, we will always be its friend 다운로드.

Let us explain why we’ve taken this decision…

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Mopub’s SDK issue fixed

왓챠플레이 영화 다운로드


This is an important message to all our publishers 다운로드! Please read.

As you might already know (and if not, check your Google Play developer’s console), some weeks ago all the apps built (or republished) with Mobincube after May 2015 received a warning from Google 써틴 게임 다운로드. That warning was related to a vulnerability found in Mopub’s SDK, the AD network from Twitter.

I guess you are asking: “And what does mopub have to do with my app?”

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Why do Mobincube apps use so many permissions?




A large number of permissions in your app can damage its conversion 다운로드. I mean, the percentage of people that will install the app after they land on its GooglePlay site will be reduced. Basically people get scared by permissions 다운로드. When they see a lot of permissions they start thinking that the app developer wants to steal their data or invade their privacy.

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다운로드 하락군협전 다운로드

+40 GooglePlay alternatives for publishing your Android app


When people think of Android apps, GooglePlay is the first AppStore that comes to their minds. Most of them even think that there’s only the Google’s AppStore out there 다운로드. Of course, GooglePlay is the big player that will bring you most of your downloads, but the market offers a lot of alternatives for publishing your Android app 스톰 위대한 여정 다운로드. We’ve created this list for you including more than 40 of them. Depending on your apps, their language, your target audience, etc., some of them can be a great option for you 다운로드.

Of course, the more places where you publish your apps, the more chances to increase your downloads. Not all of them will let you make great numbers, not even 5% of what you achieve on GooglePlay 블러드 앤 와인. But if you pick the most appropriate appstores for your apps, you can definitely improve your revenue.

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