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Wiki on Map: Built with Mobincube, OpenStreetMaps, Wikipedia and Moback


Just 2 months ago we launched a brand new feature in Mobincube that allows you to add your own functionalities using HTML/JavaScript in local mode 다운로드. Basically you can add your own HTML modules into your app and let them communicate with other parts the same app. For example, from your own module, you can invoke actions to access some other screens of your app, get some values from the device (location, os version, language, etc.), etc 너에게 닿기를 1기 자막.

This new feature is great for developing advanced apps, like games, animations, user interaction, calculators, advanced forms, etc. But you don’t necessarilly need to display stuff, you can just use HTML modules to add points of decissions in your app, like open one menu or another depending on the language that the user has set in his device 다운로드.

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App of the week: Astronomy for kids

Our favorite app of the week is Astronomy for Kids 다운로드. We like this app because of its content, targetting children and young students. It might have a quite humble look&feel and a simple structure, but we’d like to show you that a good and/or useful content can make your app perform quite good 삼성 인터넷 동영상 다운로드.

Unlike some adults, it seems that young people are less reluctant to watch ad banners while browsing an app, so the CTR (click through rate = % of people clicking on ads) is normally higher if your app is targetting young people 건물 아이콘 무료.

Also, those apps that offer an educational content will have a longer life after installed on a device. Their users will play these apps more than once in case they need to memorize the content, so ad impressions/downloads ratio will be higher 다운로드.

So… keep in mind that you can make good money if you create more and more educational apps.

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App of the Week: Love Cleaning House

IconTo start our new “App of the week” series, we have picked one of the apps from one of our favorite users: Sugar Apps 다운로드. She is a real entrepreneur and does have skills to design nice apps.

This app is the app of the week because it shows that making an app with Mobincube using just a few types of elements might turn into a beautiful app. Remember: invest some time in your app’s look&feel and you’ll get amazing results 무한도전 자유로 가요제 다운로드. If you don’t have design skills, there’s a bunch of websites where you can find free resources that will let you improve the quality of your apps 다운로드. Keep an eye on our Facebook and our blog, since we usually post some of these sites.

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