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About the last GooglePlay warnings

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As you should already know, Google sent emails to most of our beloved Mobincube publishers at the beginning of September, reminding them to honour GooglePlay’s policies in terms of personal data protection 더케이투 다운로드. Google gave publishers 30 days to make sure that their apps follow Google’s privacy rules in order to avoid app cancelations. Most of you have been asking us about this matter, so here’s our official answer to all of you 다운로드.

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: publish your iOS apps under your own Apple Developer account


IMPORTANT: if you published apps for iOS platforms (Apple) built with Mobincube in the past, or you’re planning to do so, you should fully read this post 다운로드.

As you might have already read, some weeks ago Apple added a new clause to its AppStore review guidelines that has brought some cloudy times to the app builder industry 다운로드. I’m talking about the paragraph 4.2.6, which reads: “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected” 다운로드.

That clause has already caused pain to some app builders competitors of Mobincube and they had to stop offering support to the iOS platform, since Apple systematically started rejecting all apps submitted that were built using those app builders 엑셀 2013 크랙 다운로드.

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