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Let your users share the content of your app!

파이썬 으로 파일 다운로드



Finally you can let your users share the content of your app 제이슨본 다운로드! That was one of our most expected functionalities for months. It is a great functionality that can help you improve the quality and performance of your apps 마이 리모콘. Keep reading this post in order to learn how to take the most of the “share” funcionality… Read the rest of this entry »

How to double your ad revenue with Interstitial ads



Two weeks ago we announced a new functionality for your apps built with Mobincube that lets you decide where to add some extra interstitial ads to your apps 인벤터 크랙 다운로드. As you know, mobincube apps used to show a regular ad banner on the bottom of the screen and always show an interstitial ad when starting the app. Now you are able to show more interstitial ads whenever you want in your app Dolby access download. One easy way to increase your ad revenue is making your app show a full screen ad everytime your users go back to the main menu of your app.

This might look unnecesary… but it can help your revenue go double 다운로드!

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