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Is it possible to earn money with your Mobincube apps?

A lot of people ask us if it is really possible to make money with Mobincube by creating and publishing apps from their homes. We only have an answer to that question: YES, it is possible. But we don’t want to lie to you. It is not about creating one simple app and expect it to make you rich. It is true that some users have created one app in 15 minutes and earned $1000. But let’s face it, this is one out of a thousand! If you really want to turn your apps into money, you should follow some guidelines:

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Some days ago we said sorry to our users via our Facebook site. Since not all of you use FB, let’s use our blog to apologize for all the bugs we are experiencing since our last week’s release…

Watch our apology in Facebook

Here you have the text, in case you have problems to view the image:

We just found out which of our developers caused some critical bugs in the latest release of Mobincube 2 days ago. That bug made our users unable to edit their apps, causing too much trouble on their daily work.

We the Mobincube team are really sorry and want to compensate our users for that, giving them the chance to decide the future of our developer.

Please click on “Don’t Like” if you think that we should fire that person. Or click on “Like” if you think that he is a good guy who just made some mistake, because he is a human being, and he is doing a great job in Mobincube anyway, so he should keep the job. The more likes we receive, the more beloved our developer will feel.

Anyway, we feel sorry everytime bugs appear and we really want to apologize for the problems they cause to our users. They happen because we are always trying to improve our App builder in order to offer you a great tool for building your own apps.

A roadmap for mobile app success

The marketplace is smitten with mobile apps. Everywhere you go you will see apps on offer for everything from banks and insurance companies to non-profit groups and travel companies.

Obviously some apps are wildly successful while others end up forgotten. The thing is that simply having an app for people to use is not enough, any more than opening a restaurant will guarantee people will come to eat there.

Think of apps as tools: If you were looking at a fully stocked workshop, which tool would be the best suited to what you hope to offer consumers with your app? Metaphorically speaking, are you better with a hammer, a drill, or a circular saw?

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