Screenshots ar sooooo important!!!!

If you want to be a successful app developer, you shouldn’t only focus on creating great apps. It’s problably more important the work that comes after you finish the app: the distribution.

The best app in the world can be a big failure if nobody downloads it.

For getting higher downloads, you definitely need to have great screenshots. Check this video, we will explain why:

Spanish version:

The new interface is coming (really)

A long time ago we announced that we were working on a brand new interface that would make Mobincube much faster and much easier to work with. We released a beta version of it, around 2 years ago, but you started thinking that we would never finish it, right?

Well, as announced some days ago, we are back to work and putting a lot of effort to start releasing new things.

Today we are finally announcing that we just started the transition to the new interface. Check this video to learn more:

English version:

Spanish version:

Roadmap: January 2020

Hey! We’re finally back working on new features. Check this video to learn the new features we are working on right now, in order to launch them during this first quarter of 2020:

English version:

Spanish version:

How to publish your app on GooglePlay 2020

If you want your apps to earn visibility, you definitely want to publish your apps on GooglePlay. It is a quite intuitive process, but since Google changed its developer console last year, there are a few things that generate doubts among our users.

In this video we want to explain the whole process and solve those doubts: